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Billionaire Already? Conor McGregor Makes Bold Claim About His Wealth But Fans Aren’t Buying It

If confidence were a person, it’d have to be in the form of one Conor McGregor. The professional fighter doesn’t let anything get to him, even after losing a fight. Remember the lead up to his bout with Floyd Mayweather? His mannerisms suggested that he could and would easily win the upcoming fight, and although he eventually lost, McGregor showed the world what he is made of.

If confidence were a person

Enviable Compensation

That he also made a lot of money for being in the ring with Mayweather must have had something to do with his unhurt ego in the aftermath. That’s the beauty of sports, don’t you think? Almost always, a win or lose always results in an enviable compensation package.

And just recently the man made a claim that caught everyone by surprise. As he claims, he is apparently a billionaire. But is he really? Let’s break this down real quick.

McGregor’s claim came via Instagram, with the fighter posting an image of himself in the 2018 face off with Khabib Nurmagomedov. The caption is where all the juice was, with Conor stating that he started out fighting for billionaires, but he has now joined their club.

Well, if this was intended to be boastful, it definitely didn’t hit the right note. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Conor McGregor is currently worth $235 million. To join the “b-club”, he’ll have to take part in several other mega fights like the Mayweather one, don’t you think?

$100 million for losing “the fight of the century”

For “the fight of the century”, McGregor took home $100 million. How many more bouts till his earnings hit $1 billion? To be honest, the man sure does have a long way ahead of him, but he’s still doing well thus far.

Business Ventures

His time as a UFC fighter brought him a combined total of $115 million, and as so very many celebrities do, the pro fighter has ventured into business. The liquor business has made many a public figure some big bucks, and McGregor isn’t one to be left out. He’s making moves with Irish Whiskey Proper No. Twelve, and how about buying a bottle after work? Let’s make the man a billionaire already 😉

Fashion is also another lucrative avenue for celebrities, and with August McGregor, the 31-year-old hopes that his clothing line will grow into one of the industry’s mainstream brands. With vigorous marketing, it most certainly will, don’t you think?

Still on the chasing paper track, the former UFC man started an eponymous company for the sole purpose of promoting his brand. His app, MacTalk, is under the company’s umbrella, and so is his news site, Mac Lite. McGregor, as it seems, has his hand in everything.

A man of his stature definitely has several endorsement deals

Naturally, a man of his stature has a number of lucrative endorsements under his belt. The fighter has partnered with Beats by Dre, Anheuser-Busch, and Burger King, deals which brought him roughly $14 million between 2017 and 2018.

At this pace, let’s all agree that he may soon be a billionaire sooner rather than later, but at the moment, his Instagram caption is nothing but a dream. But what’s humanity if we don’t dare to dream?

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