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Boy Band BTS is Breaking all Sorts of Records, and Not Even Taylor Swift Has Been Spared

Boy band BTS have taken the United States by storm, a feat that you better believe has been backed by some of the most talented individuals the industry has ever seen. Also going by the name Bangtan Boys, the Seoul band has broken record after record, growing more popular by the day while at it.

They have taken the US by storm

We all know that breaking records means dethroning the previous record holder, no? The latest “catastrophe” in this boy band’s war just so happens to be America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift, but more on that later.

Who are These Guys?

So who exactly are these guys taking over the country’s entertainment industry? The band, Bangtan Boys, was formed in Seoul, South Korea back in 2013. It is made up of seven pop stars, all with a different entertainment background. They are J-Hope, Suga, Rm, Jin V, Jimin, and Jungkook. Jimin’s background happens to be the one that screams out, seeing that he actually studied modern dance.

Big Hit Entertainment, a South Korean company, takes credit for bringing the boys together and setting them on their path. BTS original genre was hip hop, but they’ve branched out over the years. Growth, in the entertainment industry, is what keeps you relevant, and the guys seem to know that by heart.

Growth keeps you relevant

Their early hits introduced them to the world as a socially conscious lot, and as they spread out into different markets, the United States couldn’t help but fall in love with them. In 2018, their chart rankings were the envy of all other foreign artists out there. To make it big in the US, as you may very well know, is no small achievement. The boys must be doing a lot of things right.

Back to records that BTS are smashing left, right, and center, the release of 2019’s Map of the Soul: Persona propelled them to a record once set by The Beatles. See what a name they’ve made for themselves? BTS and The Beatles are the only two music groups to have ever released three chart-topping albums in a period less than 12 months, with the S. Koreans other two being Love Yourself: Answer and Love Yourself: Tear.

Taylor Swift Certainly Beaten

The guys may have tied with The Beatles, but they have certainly beaten Taylor Swift. Before the release of Boy With Luv, the songstress held the record for the most music video views in a day. When Taylor released ME!’s music video, fans had watched the video for a record 65.2 million times.

However, enter Boy With Luv and 65.2 million doesn’t seem like that huge a number. The BTS video was viewed a whopping 74.6 million times, 24 hours into being uploaded. Wicked, don’t you agree? And if just so happen to be one of those who haven’t even checked it out yet, you can find it right here. Give it a thumbs up if you will J

Jimin is breaking Spotify records now

Remember how we said Jimin studied modern dance? His talent and skill have led him to break a Spotify record, having three songs on the platform reach the 50 million streaming mark. Psy was the previous record holder with Gentleman and Gangnam Style, but now his watch has ended.

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