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A Brilliant Student’s Perfect Sweep Gets Him 20 Full Rides to Top Colleges!

The first time Berthinia Rutledge-Brown sat among other parents whose children had been accepted in the world’s most prestigious colleges, the proud mother got teary-eyed after realizing that her son, too, has the chance to receive the education he deserves, even though she couldn’t afford to pay for it.

Brilliant student from Texas, Michael Brown, has worked his whole life for this moment – and his dream finally came true after he received the acceptance letter with full ride scholarship from his favorite college – not only that, but he also got accepted into 19 other top colleges. Now he has several amazing options to choose from – and they’re all offering him free education!

Getting accepted into all eight Ivy League colleges isn’t an easy feat but Michael Brown made it happen with his hard work and passion

A Sweeping Victory

As 17-year-old Michael Brown opened the last of the packages from 20 universities he had applied to, the letter inside, which announced that he had been accepted into the college with a full ride scholarship, completed his impressive streak: the Texas genius had gotten into all 20 of the colleges he applied to – and he received a full ride from each one of them.

Nowadays, it has become more difficult than ever to get into a prestigious colleges, and while it is impressive enough to get accepted into one Ivy League institution, Texas-based Michael Brown was able to get into all of them and more as he scooped up an acceptance letter from all the universities that he applied to. Not only did he amass a number of merit-based scholarships, grants and financial aid packages from the 20 universities, he also received a scholarship award of $260,000 through an independent organization. So, how exactly did Mr. Brown managed to accomplish the ‘impossible’?

A Complete Ivy League Streak

Rutledge-Brown, Michael’s proud mother and a drug counselor says that she always knew that Michael would receive the best education – not because she could afford to pay for it, but because he had actually worked hard all his life and earned the right to go to the best college in the country.

Even though Rutledge-Brown believed in Michael’s abilities and that he would be able to get a scholarship based on merit, she had never anticipated that her brilliant son would manage to claim a sweeping victory across all eight Ivy League schools as well as 12 other highly selective institutions.

Getting accepted into all eight Ivy League colleges is a rare feat, but not something that hasn’t been achieved before. Michael said that he knew many other people in his high school who had received acceptance letters from elite institutions. But it is highly unlikely that any of them managed to score a perfect 20 out of 20 like Michael did, which makes his impressive achievement stand out even more.

The 17-year-old has an almost perfect SAT and ACT score as well as an impressive GPA of 4.68

An Impressive List of Achievements

Brown is elated to find out the admission results but he says that he would have been equally happy if he received acceptance from just one of his top picks. Although, when it comes to a crucial decision like choosing the perfect college, it is always good to have options – luckily, Michael has 20. The 17-year-old now has to choose between some of the best institutions in the world including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Stanford, all of which make it to his list of dream colleges. Apart from Ivy league colleges, Michael also applied to public universities and liberal arts schools like Pomona College, and University of Michigan.

With an exceptional SAT score of 1540 out of 1600, a grade point average of 4.68 and an ACT score of 34 out of 36, it is no surprise that the overachiever got a sweeping yes from all the colleges he picked out. Furthermore, Michael participated in a number of internships and extracurricular activities in his school, and was an active participant of the debate club. In spite of his achievements, the 17-year-old was unsure if he was talented enough to get accepted in his top college, Stanford, but when he logged into their admission portal to discover that he had been accepted through an early decision, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Soon, more acceptance letters from other prestigious colleges began lining up.

Brown isn’t sure which school he will choose but he expected to visit each one of them in the coming weeks and submit his decision before May 1. Wherever he decides to go in the end, Michael has already decided upon majoring in Political Science in hopes of becoming a successful lawyer one day.

Do you know someone who has been accepted into all eight Ivy League Universities like Michael?

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