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Summer Business Ideas

How would you like to earn some extra cash for the summer? In summer, there are numerous opportunities for small-time businesses. People, especially the youth, can benefit from the vacationing tourists and the ballooning job opportunities that come along with them.

Often filled with the sunshine and the heat of the sun, there is much to celebrate during summer. You can render your services during this much-awaited season. 

Here is how you can Make money during summer

“Make every detail perfect and limit the number of details to perfect.” —Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder


Be a balloon animal decorator and entertain kids and adults alike in parties and fairs. Create an arc and try to make unique shapes with them. Express your creativity by twisting balloons and keep people entertained. Balloons are low-cost, so, you could save on resources’ you just have to focus more on bending them.

Tour Guide

Try to be familiar with a certain destination, its history, the living and nonliving things around it and the unique features it has. Many companies use backpacking activities in team building. It is guaranteed to bring money. No one wants to be lost or encounter something unfamiliar along their way, is there?


Do you have a talent in rendering images with a pencil? If so, you can become a caricature artist and offer your services in places where people visit. It could be at a festival, in an event, or at the beach. Most people have saved for these vacations, so they most likely have extra cash to spend to make their adventure memorable.


Food is good. How do you feel about a barbecue or two? Grilling barbecue outdoors feels like heaven. Offer a readily-made barbecue for small parties or gathering in the neighborhood or on beaches.

“I’m a big fan of small business ownership. I think it’s the backbone of American innovation. But to be successful, you first have to have the courage to go for it.” — Bill Rancic


A cure to the heat would be a deliciously-made smoothie. All you need is a blender, milk, ice, and fruits. This small business is especially peaked on afternoons where the sun is high in the sky. Try some strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. You can even experiment with different fruits because customers would be curious about new flavors and would want to try them.

Caring for Children 

Parents need babysitters for their kids as they cannot leave them to daycare on summers. Be sure that you’re prepared to handle children and research about possible emergency situations. Tutor them, take them to summer activities, feed them, and play with them. Remember to let the parents do a background check on you.

Face Painting/Henna Tattoos


As this is the season for parties and fairs, face painting and henna tattoos would be a good business venture in the to earn you extra bucks. Depending on your skills and how much you’re willing to improve on this craft, you will become a professional in this field. Try to start this with your friends or your family.

Car Wash 

Gain extra cash by washing cars. Be lively when facing customers, and try to be charge less than your competitors. Also, let your business be known. Offer different car washing package and basic services.

Water Sports

It is an advantage when you know a lot about water sports in the summer. People would be overheating without water. Thus, they hit the beach. Offer swimming lessons and try not getting them drowned. Teach them the basics as if they were two-year-olds.  Basics are very important. How about diving or surfing? Start socializing and impress them with your surfing skills. Go on and play with the water.


Do you a talent in playing a musical instrument? Offer summer music lessons. This season is an opportunity to explore your teaching side of music and make money out of something you worked hard learning.

Make some schedule and advertise the music lessons you’re willing to offer. You can also find a partner to help you with this venture. This saves you extra cash since teaching music can be done at home.

Yard Sale 

Gather all the clothes and other things (in good condition) that you can sell and plan a yard sale. Put that smile on your face to attract buyers. The way you handle your customers and the condition of your second-hand products will determine how much profit you make.

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