Cameron Diaz is yet another Hollywood charm. This famous actress has been appealing audiences from the age of 21 since her film career began. She entered the movie industry with a bang in the 1994 film, The Mask alongside Jim Carey. Diaz charms people of every gender, and has sparked the saying ‘men want to marry her and women want to befriend her’.

Men wanna marry her and women want to be friends with her

Cameron Diaz’s successful career

The extremely talented actor was born in San Diego and raised Long Beach, California. And guess who she attended Long Beach Polytechnic with? Snoop Dogg. It is no doubt that Diaz grew up in a financially troubled but happy family. Yet, she was never afraid to pursue her goals.

In high school, Diaz appeared in print ads for Calvin Klein and Levi’s, under a modeling deal with Elite Model Management. She was also on the cover of the July 1990 Seventeen Magazine at 17years old. Basically, even as a teenager, she was already making it in life. At 21, she auditioned for Tina Carlyle in the movie The Mask and got the part. This was her big break. Since then, she starred in numerous hit films until she decided to quit her acting career recently.

A movie with Jim Carey for a big break

In the 1990s, she was a huge success, on account of the big roles she was portraying. In 1998, she played Mary in the hit There’s Something About Mary by the Farrelly brothers. Her role contributed to her massive break. Afterward, in 1999, she appeared in Being John Malkovich and Any Given Sunday. She had officially become a box office star within a single decade.

What followed next were riches, fame, and massive success. Diaz starred in some of our favorite films such as The Holiday, the Shrek movies, Annie, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle movies and the famous Knight and Day she made alongside Tom Cruise. Sadly, the actress announced she would soon be retiring from acting in 2014 at 42 years old.

Her random big paycheck

The announcement was surprising and incomprehensible. Maybe she had brought in enough riches from her completely random movie in 2011. Bad Teacher was a huge hit. You think her performance in The mask was exquisite? She really sunk her teeth into the bad teacher role. Could have been the big bucks she was making from it, or maybe just natural acting talent and drive.

A bad teacher role turned out to be the biggest paycheck in her career

Diaz played the role of an immoral, boozy, and gold-digging middle school teacher. She starred beside Justin Timberlake and Jason Segal. The movie was released on June 24, 2011, and grossed $216 million worldwide. She earned $42 million from the movie, which by far outdoes the $20 million paycheck she took home for Charlie’s Angels.

Bad Teacher offered her the biggest paycheck of her entire career. Diaz then appeared in a few films after that and then decided to call it quits. She officially retired in March 2018 after having complained of her exhaustion with travel for films.

But well, anyone with a net worth of $140 million can retire at their own free will. Can’t they? Whether she retires or not, Diaz will never forget that a single random role brought her $42 million.


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