One of the things that makes a lot of us want to become celebrities is the fact that it usually comes with whole lotta money. Yep, celebs don’t normally apply for a credit card loan, and they do love to own luxury real-estate indeed. So no wonder they can have an unbelievable net worth – just check out this list to find out what it is, and what earned them these crazy sums of money.

Max Baer Jr. – $50m

After earning his degree in business administration and minor in philosophy from the prominent Santa Clara University, Max Baer Jr. decided to pursue an acting career, which was a good call. He began acting professionally at Warner Bros. He rose to fame after he appeared in television shows like Surfside 6, Maverick, 77 Sunset, Strip, and Cheyenne. Soon enough, he became a household name with a loaded bank account. Thanks to his big screen time, Max was able to accumulate a personal net worth of around $50 million.

Austin “Chumlee” Russell – $5m

Even though Chumlee isn’t really part of the Harrison family, he certainly is a big part of the family’s TV show Pawn Stars. Ever since the show started airing in 2009, Chumlee has become a fan-favorite and has acquired a gigantic fortune for himself. As a matter of fact, through his career in the pawnshop, Chumlee has gained a $5 million net worth and has been able to buy a $1.1 million house in Las Vegas as well as his collection of vehicles, which includes a Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Maserati, and a Range Rover.

 Howard Stern – $700m


Howard Stern is an outspoken radio personality equally loved and hated. He is also a much successful TV host, author and becomes an actor sometimes. Regarded by many as the ‘King of Radio’, Howard Stern has had quite a career. Now at the age of 65, he has worked across many mediums, and his total wealth is around a staggering $700 million.

Cam Newton – $45m

Cam Newton net worth and salary: Cam Newton is an American football quarterback for the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League who has a net worth $45 million. Cam Newton’s salary is $5.5 million per year thanks to his 4 year $22 million contract with the Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton earned his net worth as an American football player. He attended Westlake High School in Atlanta, Georgia, where he starred in football and basketball. The former Westlake football coach Dallas Allen started hearing about Newton’s throwing ability and the freshman coaches told Allen that Newton needed to be moved from the freshman team to the varsity. He is a Junior Quarterback at Auburn University and he is already one of the greatest players in Auburn history even though he has only played for the team for one season.

Harrison Ford – $230m


Harrison Ford is a renowned American actor, aviator and environmental activist. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Ford is a true screen legend and he’s certainly one of the biggest actors of the 1970s. The Air Force One actor has more than $200 million in his bank. He has given several blockbuster films throughout his career and continues to amaze the fans every day with his acting skills. Star Wars film series made him earn a huge name in Hollywood. His staggering net worth is the proof of his successful journey in Hollywood.

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