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More Chaos as Britain Prepares for Third Round of ‘Beast from the East’

Britain has barely recovered from the last cold snap and now weather forecast is suggesting that a third round of snow storms is brewing in the horizons which could envelop the entire country with snow just in time for the big Easter weekend.

Beast from the East Continues

According to forecasts, the chances of a white Easter this year are significantly higher than those of a white Christmas

As the weather conditions begin to improve in the continent, threats are emerging that Britain will probably be engulfed in more snow as the ‘beast from the east’ commences its third round. Temperatures in most regions are expected to be below average throughout the Easter holidays next week.

Simon King, weather presenter from BBC, was one of the first to announce the return of the Beast through his tweet which read, “Who likes trilogies?” hinting towards the forthcoming snow storm next week. King further explained that the snow storms were expected to hit in at least two to three bouts after the unprecedented warming of the stratosphere earlier in January.

Weather Outlook has also warned that the last of the snow storms are about to come and they may hit the European region just in time for Easter, bringing with it high pressure winds, thick snow and gloomy weather which could last an entire week.

More Snow is Yet to Come

The Met Office says that the forecast for next week isn’t completely accurate but the UK is expected to experience an abrupt weather change over the weekend with more rain and wind in the south and cold snow storms in the north. The news has brought more disappointment to the brits who were hoping that the mini snow storms, which caused the closure of hundreds of schools, roads and businesses recently, were the last of the Beast from the East. Unfortunately, more is yet to come.

The National Health Society has been seriously affected by the long cold spell this year which has caused chaos in the country. Just last week, a catastrophic accident on the M25 involving a car and number of lorries caused the closure of roads as warnings of subfreezing temperatures were issued across Wales and England.

Spring After Easter

Met Office is now issuing more yellow warnings for dangerous weather conditions which could increase the risk of slip and fall accidents as well as collisions on roads and highways. The news of more bad weather coming up this weekend has put NHS under more pressure as hospitals prepare for a surge in ER admissions.

While the weather in the north is expected to get worse in the upcoming days, the South West region is expecting an improvement in the temperatures which are set to increase up to 11 degrees Celsius soon. Met Office assured that the conditions are expected to improve in the north as well after the last snow storm clears up. It said that spring will officially start after the end of next week with temperatures rising to double digits. 

Accidents Due to the Icy Weather

The temperatures over the weekend could drop down to -8 degrees Celsius in some north-western regions during Easter holidays

Travel disruptions due to cold weather are also expected to continue until the last bout of the Beast from the East clears out which means that more people in the northern cities could be stranded at their homes during the weekend. The government was forced to shut down roads after seeing a surge in road accidents which have caused chaos in the country.

Only recently, a terrible car accident involving a car skidding off the slippery snow-covered road and colliding into a tree nearby left a 4-year-old fighting for her life. Another woman named Anne Johnston also suffered from brain injuries and permanent speech disability after falling off her sledge in Scotland and hitting her head on hard ice.

As the temperatures begin to return to normal after the long icy spell, the rivers in UK are also expected to overflow from heavy rainfall and melting snow which could cause flooding in some south-west regions like Peterborough where the Environment Agency has already issued flood warnings.

Do you think these erratic weather patterns across the globe are a result of global warming?

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