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From Charlie Sheen to Tommy Hilfiger: These Are the Celebrity Homes Up for Sale

Ever wondered how the celebrities live it up in their lavish Hollywood mansion and penthouses? Now you can snag one of these multi-million dollar homes too, if you have that kind of money to spare, of course.

From a modest four-bedroom property with French doors and fireplaces in Beverly Hills for $2.5 million to a $50 million penthouse in Plaza Hotel, here’s the lowdown on the most popular celebrity homes hitting the market this August.

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again actress Cher has put her four-bedroom West Hollywood home on the market for $2.5 million

Cher’s Tudor Revival home – $2.5 million

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again actress Cher is putting her four-bedroom West Hollywood home on the market for $2.5 million. The 25,000-square-foot property had previously belonged to Modern Family actor Ed O’Neil who sold it to Cher in 2013 for $2.15 million.

The rustic-style home was built in 1957 features an open living/dining area downstairs with two fireplaces and two reception rooms decorated with luxurious Persian rugs and pops of bright colors to complement the white decor scheme.

Walk through the dining room French doors and you’ll find yourself on a private deck with its own spa and a garden which has everything from a meditation spot to a waterfall and even a koi pond.

Sandra Bullock’s West Hollywood Home – $3 million

If you’re a fan of Sandra Bullock, you’ll find the $3 million price tag on her West Hollywood property justified. The Gravity actress purchases the home for $1.49 million in 2001 but being a world-famous celebrity that she is, there are hardly any days when she’s living there. The contemporary-style property has been up for lease since 2015 with a month rent of $15,000 but now, it’s finally ready to be passed on to a new owner starting August.

The home has a contemporary-style living room with a media cabinet, fireplace and an adjoining dining kitchen. The property comes fully equipped with hanging pendants, high end electronics and appliances to match the contemporary feel of the interior.

The master bedroom is a complete luxury suite in itself with its own steam shower, bath tub and a glass exit to the lush gardens surrounding the house. The outdoor area features an exotic landscape with a cabana and swimming pool surrounded by stone deck.

Ben Affleck’s Greek Revival house, $8.9 million (£6.8m)

Ben Affleck’s beautiful 87-acre Greek-style home in Savannah, Georgia will be up for grabs in August for $8.9 million. The actor bought the property in 2003 for just over $7 million while he was still with singer Jennifer Lopez. The property features three separate buildings, with the main one, called The Big House, spanning over 6,000 square feet.

Next to it is ‘The Summer Cottage’ with screened-in living rooms that block out the summer heat. The traditional interior features massive fireplaces and lantern-style light bulbs with exposed ceiling beams.

The third part of the property is ‘The Oyster House’ spanning over 10,000 square feet with six bedrooms, an open-air pavilion and a wraparound balcony.

Tommy Hilfiger purchased two separate units in the Plaza Hotel 10 years ago and merged them into one big penthouse which has almost doubled in value today

Tommy Hilfiger’s Plaza penthouse – $50 million

Tommy Hilfiger’s Plaza Hotel penthouse is an iconic designer property with a $50 million price tag. The designer purchased the penthouse as two separate units in the Plaza Hotel 10 years ago for $25.5 million. A place was renovated to match Hilfiger’s taste in fashion and the units were combined into one giant French Renaissance-style penthouse.

The property is embellished with French tiles and marble molding and features a grand salon where shelves are stacked with books and a luxurious leather sofa for a cozy evening read. The second part of the penthouse has four ensuite bedrooms with luxurious décor and private bathrooms.

Charlie Sheen’s Mulholland Estate Mansion – $9 million

Charlie Sheen put his Mulholland Estates mansion on the market for $10 million earlier this year but it failed to sell after which the actor dropped the price to $9 million. Sheen has owned three properties in this gated Hollywood community so it’s safe to say that he is a big fan of the area.

The lavish mansion has two living rooms and seven ensuite bedrooms with their own private bathrooms. The property also featues a formal dining room, huge fireplaces and a reception room with access to the balcony. The master bedroom is a masterpiece in its own rights with a large walk-in closet, a wet bar, private screening room, a separate living room and even a cigarette machine.

How much money would you be willing to pay to live in a home owned by your favorite celebrity?

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    I can’t even afford getting a small house ? these are ridiculous

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    October 30, 2018 at 10:47 pm

    I would love to buy Tommy Hilfiger’s Plaza penthouse