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Check Out Beverly Hills Hotel’s STUNNING Renovated Suites

Beverly Hills Hotel

One hotel that has housed different categories of celebrities is the Beverly Hills Hotel. During the last Oscars, the hotel housed a lot of celebrities, including Snoop Dogg, Leonardo DiCaprio, Martha Stewart, Clarence Avant, Joe Jonas and his brother Kevin Jonas.

Over the years, different celebrities have made Beverly Hills Hotel their home at one point or the other

New Renovations

The bungalows in the hotel have private entrances which make them loved by several celebrities. It comes with a considerable proportion of luxury amenities, and there’s an assurance of a high level of privacy. Little wonder Elizabeth Taylor occupied Bungalow 5 spending six of her total honeymoons in the apartment.

Currently in the news is that the hotel has successfully renovated two out of its beloved bungalows. The move is a part of a much bigger restoration project.

As a part of a major revamp project, the hotel has renovated two of its suites

Renovations To Bungalow 1

One of the newly renovated bungalows is Bungalow 1 that has a minimum price tag of $8,500 for each night. The bungalow was renovated by Champalimaud Design. This same firm carried out the renovation of Hotel Bel Air. The renovation on Bungalow 1 came after two months were devoted into detailed incorporation of striking features of the life of Monroe.

The space that has between one and three bedrooms has a perfume bar (Chanel No. 5). Sources report that there was a partnership between the hotel and the brand for that purpose. In addition to the luxury perfume bar, there is a Champagne bath that comes with two different types of bubbles, (bath bubbles coupled with a Dom Perignon).

The bungalow measures 2,620 square feet with the inclusion of three bedrooms. The components of the suite are a living room, fireplace, kitchen, private terrace, master suite and a library that contains Monroe’s books and films.

Also, guests get to order from Marilyn Monroe’s Menu that includes carrot salad, prawn cocktail and NY steak. The inspiration for the menu came from an interview that the actress granted as far back as 1952 where she talked about the foods she loved the most.

Renovations To Bungalow 3

Bungalow 3 was the other apartment the hotel decided to renovate. The starting price for this bungalow is $8,500 for one night, and it’s been renovated in honour of Howard Hughes. Hughes reportedly resided in the hotel at different points for three whole decades.

According to reports, there were times when he booked seven bungalows and hired imposters to occupy the other rooms he wasn’t occupying so people wouldn’t know which he stayed in.

A prospective occupant needs to part with $8,500 to spend one night in Bungalow 3

The guests would also get to place orders for a roast beef sandwich. Hughes was known to order that and request that it be sent to a tree close by.

The bungalow suite measures between 1,670 and 2,620 square feet, and it also has between one and three bedrooms. The suite has a private terrace, a master suite and a fascinating wood-burning fireplace.

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