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Crazy Wedding Venues: They are Epic and Unusual

The time when couples took vows in a church is long gone past. Couples are now on the lookout for crazy wedding destinations, which are awesome and unexpected. They do not mind spending an additional sum of money for a unique experience, which they can keep in mind for the rest of their lives. They are willing to travel to exotic destinations with the sole objective of making their wedding unforgettable.

“A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband.” Michel de Montaigne

Let Us look at Some Crazy Wedding Destinations, Which Are Awesome And an Expected 

 Getting Married Midair 

This wedding idea is not about taking a flight to any destination and getting married along the way. Albuquerque, New Mexico has created a better option for people who want to wed. They can exchange their vows during the international balloon fiesta when soaring up into the clouds in a balloon.

The couple can also have some guests along because the balloon baskets can hold up to 12 passengers. This gives the bride, the groom and their small collection of guests an opportunity fly together for the ceremony. The romance of getting married in a hot-air balloon has inspired numerous people, who usually return to the venue to watch other people and to discuss their experiences. 

 Getting Married on a Bridge 

People who thought churches were the only holy spots for marriages should think again. The Artists Bridge in Newry, Maine, spans across the Sunday River and doubles as a venue for weddings. Bridges in Maine are covered and are legendary for the residents of this region. Many couples were married on the bridge along with family members and friends.

Couples who have used this venue say that the bridge—which was built in 1872—made their wedding extraordinary. If you aspire to wed here, there is no need for concern about any vehicles passing through. The bridge was closed from traffic since 1958.

Getting Married in a Cave 

Brides who are looking forward to having some unusual decor in their buildings can choose the Ozarks of Missouri. This is a historic venue where the first wedding was held during the 1800s. Over 2500 couples have decided to use this cave ever since the first ceremony.

Couples arrive from as far as St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands just to be married in the bridal cave simply because they found beach weddings from their place of origin too familiar and ordinary. 

Getting Married in a Car Museum 

One couple entered into holy matrimony at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The bride had worked as a car salesperson and had sold her husband, a brand-new Corvette. She had convinced him to purchase the car, just as she cajoled him to complete the ceremony at the Museum. Couples who have similar ideas within their mind can as well consider the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Here weddings are held throughout the year.

Getting Married on a Glacier 

If people prefer caves and balloons, could glaciers remain far behind? Alaska is helping couples to arrange weddings on a glacier. The wedding day begins with the arrival of the couple on a cruise ship, which is followed by a helicopter ride to a glacier for the ceremony. The weather in Alaska is regularly cold. Therefore, it is t brides favor long flowing capes along with white fur jackets and hats. The guests who attend the wedding on the glacier also need to wear chunky boots with spikes to avoid slipping.

Getting Married Besides a Volcano 

Couples looking for some added excitement can choose to get married besides an active volcano.  The Hawaii’s National Park has such a volcano, and it is quite popular with couples tying the knot there. They do not get alarmed despite being close to an active volcano. 

There was a time when weddings just had to be conducted in a church. However, people are getting adventurous and are making extraordinary choices when they decide to say “I do!”

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