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EuroMillions Star Jane Park Considers A £50,000 Bill for Cosmetic Surgery A Good Investment

Jane Park Threatened A Lawsuit Against EuroMillions After Her Winnings.

The star of the EuroMillions, who won £1 million when she was just 17, has stepped out with her new boyfriend Jordan Pigott, and is now claiming that the windfall she received four years ago has made her miserable. So miserable, in fact, that she’s threatening a lawsuit against the lottery organizers.

A major portion of the fortune has been squandered by Jane on new cars, handbags, and a £50,000 cosmetic surgery which included dental repair and body enhancements. The cosmetic surgery left Park with sepsis after undergoing surgery on the lower part of her body in Brazil, while the dental job done at a Turkish hospital left her with swollen lips.

Park has however mentioned the £50,000 spent on cosmetic surgery is the best investment she made after winning the million and burning through it. Her friends have commented she is happy with her new boyfriend. It seems things are turning out well for the pair, as they’ve decided to meet his parents in West Midlands.

The Unfortunate Winnings Of the Fortunate Jane Park

Was Jane Park Really Unfortunate To Pick up The £1 Million Check?

Jane Park was the youngest winner of EuroMillions when she scooped up the fortune after purchasing her first-ever lottery ticket when she was just 17. The fortunate winner of the unfortunate lottery claimed that the wealth made her miserable. However, she did not hold back from using the fortune and even made an investment in her body, which she says was worth every penny. Apart from the huge expenditure, she also managed to bag teenage football starlet Jordan Pigott as a boyfriend.

Jordan Pigott – The Footballer Boyfriend Of Jane Park.

Her friends have mentioned that she is blissfully happy with the football star from Dundee football club, and they are soon expected to meet his parents. Jordan is reportedly spending as much time as he can with Park when he is not involved in his sporting profession. Park is still rumoured to have a temper with the potential to behave crazily at times but her friends are mentioning that she looks settled for the moment.

The £50,000 Park spent on cosmetic surgery has been mentioned as a good investment by Park despite being struck down by problems with sepsis and swollen lips. She considers the expenditure for the cosmetic surgery a better investment than the money she spent on properties for herself.

The transformation of Jane Park has been comprehensive and is in contrast with her previous self, when she threatened legal action against EuroMillions with claims that her winnings had brought nothing but unhappiness to her. She had also complained she would never find a boyfriend for herself because men were more interested in money. She’s probably realized that happiness cannot be purchased, but also understands that money can enable her to make certain changes in her life and even made the objective of finding love more appealing than earlier.

Is Jane Park Spending Her Winnings Efficiently?

Jane Park Mentions She Felt Miserable After She Won But Doesn’t Seem To Be Holding Back On Her Expenditure.

Thousands of people would have tried their hand at the EuroMillions lottery despite the understanding that the winnings only favor a single individual. Many people would also have squandered their winnings just as Jane Park has. However, questions about the expenditure indulged in by Park have managed to raise a few eyebrows. The cosmetic surgery she underwent is receiving plenty of publicity, print media outlets being the main publishers of these stories.

The stories published have also received quite a bit of attention from followers of the media houses throughout the world. Many are disappointed she has spent most of her winnings on expenditure and even made comments that are personal in nature. Some have even gone to the extent of mentioning she could have donated some of the money to charities, because after all, it was the money which made her miserable in the first place.

Thousands are commenting on Jane Park’s expenditure and wondering whether she has anything left for the future or is already facing the prospect of losing the unfortunate fortune which fortunately made it to her account. Her property and valuables may bring in a return on investment in the time to follow. The £50,000 she spent on cosmetic surgery can definitely be considered one which does not have the potential to provide her with a substantial return. Jane Park may well consider the money spent a good investment, but has she thought about the future and wondered how she will manage her life after the winnings are gone?

Would You Invest £50,000 In Cosmetic Surgery If You Won The EuroMillions? Give Us Your Opinion On This Story.

Facebook Caption: Youngest Winner of EuroMillions Squanders £50,000 On Cosmetic Surgery.

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