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Famous Celebrities Weight Loss Transformation That Will Leave You With No Words

Celebrities seem to exist in an alternate universe; where they not only make enough money to send them straight into retirement after one major gig but can get paid for everything. Yes, everything. From posing for the camera to endorsement deals and commercials – there is no end to the many ways they can boost their earnings. But most infuriating to every overweight person with a low paying job is the prospect of actually getting paid to lose weight. So while the rest of us barely earn enough to guarantee optimum nutrition, these celebrities get nutrition advice, a diet plan and a personal trainer complete with any procedure required to be in best possible shape – and still get paid for it! Forget men; it’s a celebrity’s world – got doubts? Read on…

Kirstie Alley – 50 pounds – Undisclosed

It is unclear if Kirstie Alley began her weight loss journey with an endorsement deal or money in mind – but the star actress was said to record marked weight loss only after her return to Jenny Craig where she was earlier a  spokesperson for ten years. But Alley was doing a lot more than just losing weight after rejoining the program.  She was said to launch a Jenny Craig inspired beverage and nutrient powder line called Organic Liaison with Jenny – no surprise we didn’t get the scoop on what she was paid, but we are sure it was a figure that left her bank account quite robust.

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