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Fancy a Hollywood Hills Mansion? Rihanna Could Become Your New Landlord for $35,000 a Month!

Remember when Rihanna said she’s a paper chaser in Live Your Life? Well, her chasing has borne fruit, with Forbes naming her the richest female artist in the States.

That the lady is multi-talented has obviously played a part in her success, seeing as she’s a singer and actress as well as a budding entrepreneur.

Among her business ventures include FENTY BEAUTY (beauty products) and Fenty, the luxury clothing line she recently launched with LVMH.

RiRi is a Jack of all trades

Hardly Done

Unsurprisingly, RiRi is not even close to being done yet. This time around she’s adding the title “landlady” to her already quite impressive résumé, having already listed the 6-bedroom Hollywood Hills mansion she owns. She’s renting it out for the monthly price $35,000, and best believe that for that amount, the home is totally worth it.

7,100 sq. feet of space

For starters, it’s spread across 7,100 square feet and is big on privacy. The mansion rests behind massive gates and is protected from prying eyes thanks to lots of vegetation in its immediate environment.

Once you make your way into the actual main house, a spacious enough foyer welcomes you, and its vintage chandeliers are quite attractive to the eye. You also see a staircase looking right back at you, as if inviting you to explore the mansion some more.

From the foyer, next comes the living room embellished with a fireplace, followed by a somewhat formal dining room that also has a laid-back vibe, especially due to its LED beams. It would certainly be heavenly enjoying a meal here.

The mansion’s kitchen would be the envy of any chef, featuring cabinetry that blends in well with the room’s island as well as its countertops. Adjacent to this fancy kitchen is a family room, so one can rush into the kitchen to grab a quick snack with ease.

It would be natural to expect Rihanna’s home to be big on entertainment, no? To this end, the mansion boasts a movie theatre that would have you binge-watching your favorite franchises, soon after a light workout session in the gym. Yeah, you heard that right; there’s a gym too.

Of the bedrooms, four of them are en suite, while the master bedroom is fit for the queen Rihanna is. It features a fireplace, sitting room, balcony, and a bathroom that you’d confuse for a spa.

Beauty All-Around

Notice the magnificent infinity pool

Naturally, the home’s beauty isn’t all confined to the interior. On the outside is a magnificent infinity pool if you care for a swim, but for those who are all about relaxation, there’s a lounging terrace.

The two are just next to the guesthouse, which although not being as glamorous as the main house, is still pretty much as decent as they come, with one bedroom to boot. From the guesthouse, you get to see a car garage with enough space for two rides.

Rumor has it that RiRi took the renting out option after she failed to find a buyer for the home. $7.5 million was her asking price, and it was probably too steep or she just got unlucky. Let’s hope that this time around she gets a tenant. After all, when has real estate ever been an unwise investment?

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