Get The Most Value From Shopping: Choose Only Designs That Never Go Out of Style

The shopping experience is both fun and tiring. Not only is this true during the mad Holiday rush, but during Black Friday sale or any other day where most stores are on sale. We storm our favorite sections to look for anything within our budget that’s most appealing to us.

But the shopping experience has much more to offer than letting us feast on various selections. It affords us the chance to own something to stay in our closet and drawers for quite some time. Reason? Simply because the item is so useful that we keep it and wear it whenever necessary.

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” – Coco Chanel

Shopping should, therefore, be discriminating and uncomplicated. You can do this by remembering the basic fashion inspirations that seem to be around for good. Here are six of them:

Floral Prints

No designer can lay claim to the introduction of floral prints to fashion. As old as nature, flowers are unavoidably one source of inspiration for a pattern.

Perhaps what reinforced this trend were the Japanese kimonos that used vibrant floral paintings during the early centuries. The design maintained its fashion price because it is colorful and feminineHowever, if you’re not the girlie type, you can go for mix patterns to downplay the effect. 

Oversized Menswear


The fashion industry owes it to Coco Chanel for introducing the masculine look on women. She came up with the ladies’ trousers and sportswear such as jackets and cardigans that were meant to be comfortable yet stylish.

The “tomboy” look on female screen icons like Katherine Hepburn made the trend very popular. It continues up to this day. Variations range from loose to tailored shirts, as well as baggy and fitted pants. Jackets and the so-called boyfriend blazers were also born and became a regular fashion favorite for the office and casual settings.

Ladylike style


Feminine style that consists of a flowing skirt nipped at the waist was inspired by designer Christian Dior in the 1940s. Famous Hollywood actresses back then were seen donning the ladylike look that soon gained mass appeal.

What gives the style its attraction is the well-formed silhouette it gives the wearer – an appearance of a well-dressed and polished, self-assured woman. Medium-height pumps and simple accessories complement the outfit.

These days, you have the option to replace the blouse and skirt pair with a blouse and pants combo that doesn’t  at all diminish the soft outcome.

Animal Prints

Back in the colonial era when Europeans had conquered Africa and Asia, they brought home animal skins of zebras, leopards, and tigers. The patterns were copied into fabric designs that were considered unique and exotic-looking.

When movie stars started using the prints, the animal-inspired designs soon caught up with the “fashion-conscious people”. Since the patterns are neutral due to their earth colors, they became timeless and at the same time edgy. Nowadays, animal-inspired prints are seen mostly on clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories.

Nowadays, animal-inspired prints are seen mostly on clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. Their accents are purely raw and eye-catching.


Where else would the designers get their idea but from World War II when men and women wore government-issued trench coats and fatigues. The fashion stayed on up to the present time because of its functional and androgynous appeal.

The cargo pockets found on jackets, shirts, skirts, and pants can be all traced to this style of clothing. Let’s not forget the insignias, epaulets, and bold buttons that complete the military look. The olive-dark green color of this fashion is earthy and neutral, thereby adding a touch of seriousness and elegance to the wearer.



It was in the 1960s when famous designers Pierre Cardin and Andre Courreges thought of making mod shift dresses. A decade later, Halston modified the creation by adding stretchy jumpsuits and jersey dresses.

The colors used are neutral and lines are kept clean and simple, accentuated by contrasting accessories.  The effect is simplicity with a touch of sophistication which indeed speaks of the wearer’s understated elegance.

When you think of heading out to improve your wardrobe, consider these six classic styles. You surely can’t go wrong by owning each of these selections. It doesn’t matter which continent you live in because these patterns will always be “suitable and easy to find”.

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