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Ford Unveils F 450 Super Duty Limited Pickup Truck

The Ford F 450 Super Duty Limited Is The Most Expensive Pickup Truck In the Market.

Ford has unveiled one of the most expensive pickups ever to be driven off the assembly line and being mass produced, which should sound exciting for many. The F 450 would, however, put a dampener on customers looking forward to purchasing the truck when they hear it will cost them a cool $100,000 before they get an opportunity to enjoy the luxurious pickup.

Want to understand what’s extraordinary about the limited version of the Ford F 450 Super Duty? The cost of the Ford F 450 is not as expensive as a luxury sedan of the Mercedes-Benz S class, but it certainly has the capacity to tow 1/2 a dozen of them at the same time. It also has some of the features mentioned below to give consumers a feeling of some super duty limited luxury which they may never have experienced in a pickup truck.

What Does Ford Offer With the F 450 Super Duty Limited?

The Ford F 450 super duty limited is equipped with a satin chrome grill which has been called special, along with power running boards and a drop-down door that allow consumers an easy step into the high Cab. The pickup truck has two-tone leather, heated and cooled seats which are capable of massaging, real wood trim and a 10 speaker stereo of the premium variety. The pickup is also equipped with a large panoramic moonroof combined with a retractable shade.

Consumers expect to have in hand all the technology when they invest in a luxury car and Ford has provided adequate attention to this matter as well. The pickup is equipped with active cruise control which helps automatically maintain a safe distance behind vehicles ahead as well as lane keeping alerts which are, again, automatic.

The marketing manager of the Ford Super Duty, Bran Rathsburg has mentioned to CNNMoney that the pickup is like a luxury office on wheels for customers that decide to invest money in the Ford F 450 super duty limited.

Ford Is Competing with Chrysler’s RAM 2500 Among Other Brands.

Ford has been offering the Super Duty Line Of Trucks, which include models like the F 250, F 350 and the F 450 that are all large heavy-duty trucks for working and have been designed for hauling and towing of the serious variety. These trucks are significantly larger and have a better capacity than the popular F 150, which was introduced earlier. These trucks are competing with Fiat Chryslers RAM 2500 along with 3500 trucks as well as the GM Chevrolet Silverado HD and the GMC Sierra Heavy Duty trucks.

A couple of years ago the Ford F series offered the luxurious limited trim with the F 150 which is presently the highest priced trim level on a Ford pickup. Other models include the Lariat, the King Ranch, and platinum.

A larger super duty truck is being offered with the limited trim as an introduction by Ford with the F 450. One wonders whether Ford has conducted enough research to understand whether the luxury option packages, indicated by them, could open up a market for them just for the ultra-luxurious trim which these trucks have been equipped with. It is a well-known fact that nearly 50% of super duty trucks are purchased by consumers and are not favored as corporate fleets.

Will The Ford F 450 Super Duty Limited Find Buyers In the Market?

Heavy Duty Prices Taken by Ford To the Next Level.

$87,100 is the markup price for the Ford F 450 super duty 4 x 4. Consumers opting for the remaining options which are not already included, such as a truck bed extender as well as an off-road package, could end up paying $95,000 for the truck. After including taxes and fees, the Ford F 450 Super Duty Limited will cross the $100,000 mark.

Consumers that may not be happy with the current offering by Ford can still opt for an affordable Ford super duty truck, which still has a starting price of $32,000, but must be prepared to forego the massaging seats and other luxuries which are included with the F 450.

Reactions by the Public To the Ford F 450 Super Duty Limited

Strong Public Reactions To the Prices Of The F 450 Super Duty Limited.

The public has reacted strongly to the high-priced pickup truck from Ford the F 450 super duty limited, mentioning it would be a waste of money to invest $100,000 in a vehicle of this type when cheaper versions are easily available. People have put forward personal opinions and also criticized Ford for the lack of support for their vehicles. Ford may still generate a market of its own for this ultra luxurious heavy-duty pickup with the use of aggressive marketing. However, the overall outlook for this pickup looks dim at the moment, considering the natural calamities which have struck the country over the last few weeks.

Would you invest $100,000 in the F 450 Super Duty Limited? Let us know your thoughts…

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