When it comes to sitcoms that left an undeniable mark in the hearts of their fans, Frasier just so happens to be up there with the best of them. Lead actor Kelsey Grammer was at his absolute best playing Dr. Frasier Crane, but that’s a story for another day.

Kelsey was at his absolute best playing Dr. Crane

Did you know that Grammer and his ex-wife, RHOBH star Camille Meyer got divorced in 2011? The two got married back in 1997, and a year into their marriage, they acquired a Malibu mansion for $4.5 million. The residence was sold for $ 13 million four years after the divorce was finalized, and according to CNBC, it is up for sale once again.

“Just” $19 Million

Fancy enough to warrant its steep price

This time around, $19.95 million is the asking price, so if you’ve got some idle cash lying around, you’re in luck – profit all the way for the sellers, right? But if we’re being honest, $19 million is quite the steep price. Luckily, the house is fancy enough to justify such a price tag, in addition to being once a piece of property owned by a celebrity couple.

For starters, its location would attract any serious buyer. Who wouldn’t fancy living in the famed Serra Retreat? Second, the property boasts heavenly oceanic views, and if the mountains fascinate you too, isn’t that a welcome bonus?

Needless to say, the residence is expansive enough, spanning 5 acres. The actual home is a 7-bedroom house, with more than enough baths – 13 to be exact. It sits on 7,814 sq. feet, so space would never ever be an issue.

Space would never be an issue

According to the listing, Grammer and Camille weren’t the only celebrities associated with the house. Apparently, the home’s gourmet kitchen has Wolfgang Puck’s hand all over it. You do know of the legendary chef, don’t you??

For wine lovers, this house is just what you’ve been searching for. Its wine cellar is the stuff of legends, especially because it is climate controlled. Down there is where you head soon after striking deals in the gorgeous library. Isn’t toasting one of the best ways to conclude a business meeting held at home?

Big On Entertainment

On the entertainment front, the house has a theatre room large enough for fourteen. That’s a big enough crowd for those who don’t fancy watching movies alone, no? There’s also a two-storied ballroom with a crystal chandelier towering above it, fit to host as many guests as you’d like.

Of the seven bedrooms, the master suite is definitely the most exquisite one, complete with a balcony wherein you could watch the sun set over the Pacific while reading a book or something. The bathroom is also quite spacious, not to mention the sitting room that embellishes the suite with some more comfort.

Outside, we have two spas, a pool and pool-house, a tennis court, vegetable garden, orchard, a barbecue area complete with a fireplace, and lily pods. Taking a mental picture, doesn’t it just look stunning? It is certainly worth $19 million, probably more!

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