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Freedom Of Expression Is Great But Are Americans Taking It Too Far?

The freedom to express has been enshrined in the Constitution of America and the population of the country is grateful they have been given the opportunity to express themselves without holding back. America is perhaps the only country which allows its citizens the freedom of expression without the fear of repercussions. However, questions must be asked whether the freedom is being misused by many Americans that are criticizing the President for everything he does?

Did Eminem go over the top when using his freedom of expression?

Quite a few celebrities have been in the forefront in their criticism of Pres. Donald Trump and the latest to join the list of celebrities is rapper Marshall Mathers who is better known as Eminem. This artist used his skills to lambaste the President and his policies during a performance which was broadcast as a part of the hip-hop awards by BET.

How Did Eminem Use His Freedom Of Expression?

On Tuesday, Eminem gave his fans a piece of his mind when he used his rapping skills to criticize the President. He went one step further and issued an ultimatum to his fans many of whom are also supporters of Trump. The ultimatum was issued in a 4 1/2 minute video in which the rapper said that his fans couldn’t be supporters of Pres. Trump. He asked his fans to decide whether they were with him or with the President, also mentioning he would grow a line in the sand for the fans that decided to support Trump, even going to the extent of flipping his middle finger in full public view.

Eminem did not hesitate to throw out a list of selected expletives when he referred to various news stories and actions of the President during the event which was delivered from a parking garage. He opened the event obviously in anger by saying “that is a boiling pot of coffee and should I drop it on Donald Trump?” He went on to say he possibly shouldn’t but it was the only thing he had until he could come up with something better.

The list of topics which Eminem used to criticize Pres. Trump looks endless because he began with the tragedies in Puerto Rico and Las Vegas and continued his criticism by including NFL players and the President’s frequent golf trips. Eminem also accused the President of being racist and expressed concerns he may cause a nuclear holocaust.

When culminating his act, Eminem perhaps took freedom of expression as his birthright when he issued a tribute to Colin Kaepernick for refusing to stand up during the playing of the national anthem as a protest against racial injustice. Eminem said, “this is for Colin” – raising up his fist to express what he means.

Freedom Of Expression Is Not A Tool To Demean The High Office Of the President

Were these protesters funded by the Democrats or did they have nothing better to do?

Ever since Pres. Trump won the election in 2016, protests have been breaking out throughout the country many of which were claiming “Not My President.” Reservations about the protests have been expressed by countless numbers of people who mentioned that the protesters were people supported by the Democrats and perhaps had nothing better to do.

During the campaign, it was quite clear that Donald Trump was a rank outsider who was never given even a minute chance of being elected as the President. History is evidence to the fact that Donald Trump trounced not just his rivals from within the Republican Party but also went on to beat the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton during the election.

The facts are pretty clear about who won the election and the people who are hiding behind the cloak of “Freedom of Expression” are possibly supporters of the Democratic Party. Many of the people who were watching the performance of Eminem would have been supporters of the artist and the Republican Party at the same time. It is possible that the people may not have expressed their freedom of expression by disagreeing with the rapper during the event. However, it also doesn’t mean that they support the criticisms being thrown at the President.

Like him or lump him but Americans cannot dump him, at least for now.

Regardless of whether people support the actions of Eminem or not, the fact remains that Pres. Trump holds the highest office in the country. He has accepted his responsibilities and is making an effort to fulfill them to the best of his ability. Criticizing him to the ground or praising him will change nothing. The time has arrived for Americans to realize they have elected a president who the majority believed would serve the country, unlike other seasoned politicians. It’s time for Americans to realize that the freedom of expression has been taken over the top and to support their President for better or worse as only time will decide the ultimate outcome.

Do you believe Donald Trump deserves criticism heaped upon him? Please feel free to express below…

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