Grandchildren Who Look Just Like Their Celeb Grandparents – The Beauty Definitely Runs In the Family!

We’ve seen a lot of talented and beautiful celebrities come and go through the decades. They were truly such successful names at the height of their fame but their busy careers can’t last forever. Some of the legacies they’ve left behind are their offsprings who have managed to make their own unique mark as well. These celebs don’t only have children who look like them for even their grandchildren resemble them (in many cases!). From hairstyles, fashion sense to their facial structure, such kids share so many similarities with their famous grandparents. Here are some of the most famous grandparent-grandchild look-alikes!

Chris Pine – Grandson of Anne Gwynne Who Became a Grandma at Age 62

Chris Pine is one of the actors in Hollywood who has the acting talent running in his DNA. His parents were not the only actors in the family because his grandmother was actress Anne Gwynne. Gwynne was a household name in the industry during the 1940s.  A stroke ended her life back in 2003 when she was 84 years old. Pine is one of the most promising actors of his generation and he is currently filming for the Wonder Woman sequel.

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