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Great Actors Who Didn’t Get the Fame They Deserved

 People enjoy watching movies and TV series. Also, everyone has spent an ample time admiring and idolizing the great actors and actresses they’ve grown to love. Are you so attached to their superb portrayal of the characters that all you want to do is to follow their footsteps and leads? You are not alone! Most of these famous actors are enjoying their limelight and fame together with the millions of money on their hands.

However, what you don’t know is that some of the actors we idolize might’ve been “popular” in your own eyes, but they are still underrated. They didn’t get the fame and popularity they deserved. Wondering who these actors are? Check them out below!

“Actors in any capacity, artists of any stripe, are inspired by their curiosity, by their desire to explore all quarters of life, in light and in dark, and reflect what they find in their work.” —  Tom Hiddleston

 Audrey Tautou

Audrey starred as Princess Sophie in the controversial and blockbuster hit Da Vinci Code movie. The movie was a success that swept the whole world and instigated some of the hottest debates in the century. But it seems that our lovely French actress didn’t share the limelight she really deserved. After the blockbuster movie, Audrey has not engaged herself in any Hollywood movies or series anymore. Presently, her skills are more confined and inclined to the French cinemas.

In 2001, she debuted in Amelie which had garnered a huge acclaim for her character and the film was loved by the audience. Then there were Pot Luck (2004) and Priceless (2006), for which she obtained mixed responses. In A Very Long Engagement, she was just a part of a multi-national cast. No one can deny the charm that she adds to the screen for every project, however difficult it might be.

 Christina Ulloa

She grew up in the limelight of Hollywood, California. She has also starred in popular films such as Black, Military Husband, 247 degrees F, Holiday Road and the latest The Wedding Invitation, which is yet to be released. Nonetheless, we can say that she did not get much fame and popularity. This is somehow discouraging to hear knowing that she did her utmost best in the movies. Christina is a popular face in a number of television series such as Bones, Greek, Californication, Charmed, Dark Blue, and more.

 Cillian Murphy

Murphy was notably known for his appearance in blockbuster hit action movies and series. He was mostly known and loved in Inception as Robert Fischer and in the Batman series as Dr. Jonathan Crane. You can really see that behind his startling oceanic blue eyes hides his great acting skills. However, it seems his fame faded just as fast as it came. In the film Sunshine, which unfortunately went unnoticed, Murphy perfectly played the role of the scared, yet responsible scientist.

 Christine Adams

Christine is a London-based actress who starred in numerous films and TV series. In the beginning of his career in the early 2000s, she starred in numerous films such as Doctor Who, Eye of the Dolphin, Batman Begins, Submerged, Tron: Legacy, Willows, and more. However, her successive appearance didn’t earn her vast amount of rewards and recognition she should have received. In fact, only a few people saw her full potential and only classified her acting skills as meager.  

 Sam Rockwell

Sam was known for his notable performance in the film The Seven Psychopaths in 2012. His rocking performance was obsessive and unhinged, yet likable and friendly. He also did a good amount of impressive acting in Moon, The Way Way Back, and The Assassination of Jesse James by Coward Robert Ford. However, it seems his performance became underrated as his films often got mixed reviews and negative feedback.

These are just some of the great actors and actresses who went underrated despite their stunning performances. Do you know of any other actors who should receive fame, awards, and recognition for their hard work? Comment them below! May we learn to appreciate the arts they’ve given to us since we cannot deny the fact that they entertain us with their superb acting skills and somehow, they have inflicted an influence in our lives.


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