We all want to feel happy and satisfied in life. As they say, happiness comes in different forms. It can be through being able to buy the things we want or getting your dream job. All in all, we always find ways to attain happiness.

However, that is easier said than done. In reality, many challenges and trials hinder us from achieving happiness.  Here are the three traps that you should watch out for as they limit your chances of getting happiness.

Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it. ~Jacques Prévert

Holding Your Feelings In 

Zip Your LipsDifferent people have different views, opinions, and insights in life. However, most of the time, these differing opinions can hurt other people. That’s why we’re inclined to suppress or repress our true feelings and thoughts. We choose to keep them inside to avoid hurting the people around us. We choose peace, companionship, and friendship over arguments just because we have different stands in life.

Or if not, maybe you’re hiding your romantic feelings from your crush due to fear of ruining whatever connections you already have. Or you caught your friend’s lover cheating, and you chose to keep quiet because you don’t want to be branded as the wrecker.

No matter how hard it is, you should be more honest with yourself. Remember that the truth will always set you free. It is always better to hear the horrible truth rather than sweet lies. Besides, if these people really want to build genuine connections with you, they will understand where you’re coming from. Honest people are rare to find. They are a gem, and when you’re one, you will forever be treasured.

Spending too much time and effort acquiring “things.”

For most people, acquiring things is the source of our happiness. It ranges from hoarding books, tapes, clothes, shoes, and electronics. Somehow, these collections give us the fulfilling and satisfying feeling of happiness. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to acquiring things because happiness is not just limited to acquiring new stuff. Don’t be too obsessed with materialistic things.

Widen up your horizon and try to obtain happiness with non-materialistic things. For example, you can travel to other places and see the ethereal beauty and sceneries that different places have to offer. Take time to bond and mingle with various people. One-of-a-kind experiences like these build beautiful memories that you can treasure for a lifetime.

 Numbing with technology

We couldn’t deny that technology has changed the course of life for the past few years, for the better. Life has never been better now that we can do things in just a matter of clicks. We can now enjoy watching different shows and movies anytime we want. It’s also possible to read our favorite books in our Kindle or smartphones. However, the downside of technology is that it cuts your connection to the real world.

You feel as if your happiness now only lies on technology when it’s not the case. If you keep this up, you’ll actually lose the genuine connection you have with your valued friends and family. Learn how to cut yourself from the online world on some occasions. Instead, reconnect with the reality. Catch up with your friends for a dinner night out and bond with them. If not, maybe you can watch some movie marathon together with your family and have a fancy dinner. Happiness is all about spending and creating beautiful memories with your loved ones.

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