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Happy Couples Don’t Flaunt Their Relationship On Social Media

Are you fond of documenting every milestone of your life on social media? We bet it makes most of us! In the modern age where the digital information technology technically dominates our lives, the Internet has become our constant companion. We tend to browse our social media accounts all day and document our every action with it. It ranges from posting our selfies whenever we eat at a fancy restaurant or travel to beautiful places. Of course, since Facebook wants you to define your relationship status, we now love to broadcast our love life to our friends, right? We want to tag our significant other and even confirm our relationship with him/her.

Furthermore, we often love to post adorable pictures with our loved ones while making a heart sign with #relationshipgoals tags and more. And yet, if our relationship starts going downhill, suddenly we become very quiet. Before we know it, our friends wonder why we’ve deleted all our sweet photos together. Are you a victim of such failed relationships? What could be the reason behind? Why does our relationship not work and last? The social media may be the culprit behind your failed relationship and here are the reasons why you shouldn’t flaunt your relationship on social media.

They’re Convincing Others They’re in Love

Heart Selfies With Your Partners

Heart selfies with your partners.

The problem with the social media is that instead of focusing on building a genuine relationship with your loved one, you become obsessed with building a relationship online. We mean to say that you start posting all of these sweet photos online in an attempt to convince your friends that both of you are deeply in love. You unconsciously become fond of receiving fame and attention from your friends saying “congratulations”, “sweet” or even a heart icon to each of your post. When in reality, you’re not paying enough attention to your real relationship.

Young Couple Nowadays Love to Post Their Relationship on Social Media

Young couples nowadays love to post their relationship on Social Media

It gives you the illusion that since your friends approved of your relationship, you feel happy and contented too. But in reality, you’ll realize that your real relationship is slowly straining. Happy couples generally don’t need the public for approval. Instead of wasting their time pleasing their friends, they will spend their precious time creating memories with their lovers. For them, it is much more valuable to spend the time with loved ones instead with other people.

You’re Not Distracted by Social Media If you’re happy

The World Around You Fades When You're With Your Loved Ones

The world around you fades when you’re with your loved ones

Do you know the phrase where “everything seems to fade away the moment you gaze with your loved one?”? When you’re with the one you love, it’s as if everything else doesn’t exist. You feel the world fading and the only center of your life is your lover. That is exactly what happy couples feel. When they spend time with their loved ones, they tend to honor these special moments and everything else doesn’t matter. That being said, they don’t have any time to spend or be distracted by the buzzing of social media because the most important person in their life is beside them. They just choose to enjoy each other’s company while talking about their own future or just catching up with each other. You can only see posting their pictures either before or after they return from the trip.

Happy Couples Tend to Fix Their Argument Offline

Whenever you and your partner have an argument or a quarrel, it’s most likely that you’ll post a heated flare or ire on social media. Of course, your friends will comment to gossip about what happened. Then the back-to-back comments and replies emerge and further implicating the argument will get your issue out of control. When you and your partner become clouded with rage and emotions (especially after reading the comments and inputs from your friends), chances are, you’ll end up breaking up instead of fixing the problem. You also don’t realize that you’ve damaged you and your partner’s reputation in the process.

Couples Tend to Post Their Arguments or Rants on Social Media Rather than Talking About It Face to Face

Couples tend to post their arguments or rants on Social Media Rather than talking about it face to face

While getting advice from your friends is essential to have a wider perspective about the pressing issues before making any decisions, it’ll only complicate your arguments and put a strain on your relationship if you post it on social media. Happy couples don’t do that because they know how the social media influences lives, essentially destroying the real relationship you have in the process. They prefer to let cool things down for a while and when they’re calm enough to think rationally, that’s the time to think about the issue and formulate solutions to address it. That’s also the time they get to ask their friend’s for an input in private! Finally, they will have to have an intimate, heart-to-heart talk with their partner to arrive with a compromise or solution.

Do Social Media have an impact on our relationships? We’d love to hear your thoughts…

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