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After Hearing This Baseball Player’s Enduring Story, Bret Michaels Surprised Him with a Gift No One Saw Coming

Don’t you find it quite baffling that there are those who hate on Bret Michaels? Apart from being an immense musical talent, the man literally has a heart of gold! His success both as a solo artist and as a band’s lead singer (Poison) coupled with the fact that he founded the Life Rocks Foundation firmly attest to this.

A perfect blend of talent and generosity

Just last month, the singer-songwriter once again showed the world why he is deserving of all the praise heaped on him. Bret is ever ready to help, and this time around a baseball star is on the receiving end of his charity and generosity.

Honorable Gesture

All through its run, the Poison lead singer had been keeping up with the CWS tournament, which the Vanderbilt Commodores ended up winning. This victory prompted Bret to make an honorable gesture towards Tyler Brown, the team’s star pitcher, who had an incredible story to share with the world.

The Commodores celebrate their CWN win over Michigan

Bret’s kind move was in the form of a $10,000 pledge to any charity Brown would feel was deserving of the amount, all in honor of Isabella, his 15-month-old who was born with a congenital heart defect and Down Syndrome.

The singer-songwriter made the announcement via Facebook, and we have no doubt that he will deliver on his pledge, if he hasn’t already. When have we known Bret Michaels to disappoint?

Going by how much the Life Rocks Foundation has been of great help to millions, best believe that the charity Brown chooses will receive its donation.

The foundation works to raise money for a number of causes that Bret Michaels holds dear, including diabetes, cancer in children, pet charities, and military support.

Michaels, who’s now 56, lives with diabetes, no wonder the disease is among the causes he solicits funds for. Back in 2011, the singer went under the knife to repair his heart after the doctors discovered a hole in it after the man suffered a mini-stroke. That he survived the surgery might just tell us why he felt moved by Brown and the story of his daughter.

Making Headlines

With his exploits on the ground, Tyler Brown naturally made headlines, and various outlets shared his life story. It was then that the news of his daughter’s condition broke, leaving many sympathizing with the baseball star.

Tyler Brown, his girlfriend, and their daughter Isabella

According to one credible outlet, Isabella had an unsuccessful heart surgery when she was only five months old, prompting a second one eight months later. This second one was, fortunately, successful and Brown has even confirmed that his daughter won’t have to be in surgery again for the foreseeable future.

The dad was visibly relieved sharing the news, saying that the result of the surgery performed in April this year was inspiring, and brought his family a lot of light. Maybe that’s why he was so good on this year’s CWS!

In all honesty, Tyler Brown is one great example for us all. Despite the lemons life handed over to him, the man was still able to carry his team to victory. Isn’t that sheer strength and determination? We could learn a thing or two!

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