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Why Heartbreaks Don’t Break Even

One of the best feelings is being in a romantic relationship with somebody you love. It’s especially exciting when it’s fresh and new. In such a situation, you put your best foot forward to make everything work. 

You get settled in with the investment of commitment, effort, and time. However, for most people, it becomes a vicious cycle: you know each other, fall in love, then and fall out of it. To make the story short, the relationship fails to work out as you cannot bear with the person or their actions. 

What bothers you most is the thought that after all the things you put into it and the journey you have been through together, the pain you felt seemed greater than any other. You have this nagging question in your head: “Was I not enough?” “What’s wrong with me?” “Am I that easily replaceable?” Worse is when the other party looks fine and even got away unscathed.

“Broken relationships are a source of heavy heartbreak that seem to affect every family.” –  Jerry B. Jenkins

Here are the reasons why heartbreaks don’t break even:

 One-Man Army 

one man

The break-up you have been through might be easier for the other because it was, in fact, in a one-sided love. You were fine loving, fighting, and doing things for the both of you. There is nothing wrong with taking part more than you could bear at times but doing it all the time is another story.

 Not The Priority 

The other person in the relationship has been the whole world to you. However, that does not mean that they feel the same way as you. Moving on was easier because you are not the priority. You may not even be the second or third. The attention that you deserved was all over someone else, and you got none of it.

 The Young 

The young have the tendency to choose fun over something serious. The element of happiness and going where the flow will take you are certainly the features of the young. Like children, the young view relationship as something temporary. Their mind is set such that the relationship that they are into will not last and they could easily proceed to the next one. While you are sulking, the other is probably out and partying over with some friends.

 The Counterpart

You were conceited that you haven’t noticed that the other has also been suffering. Both of you were pretending to have moved on and in the ‘OKAY’ zone but are silently dying to see each other. That cold, fine person you mistakenly interpreted to make progress past the hurt was in the exact same place as you, the “PRETENCE ZONE.”

 The User 

You got yourself into believing that it was pure affection. He was, actually, using you for something that could have benefitted him. He moved on too fast because he was able to use you more than he wanted you.

 The Law of Conservation

In every action, there is an action and an equal opposite reaction. When you gave your all and showed him all the love that you had to give, he ran too far in the opposite direction. It is just like how people love the person who loves somebody else, or how much we like giving attention to the people that don’t even give it back.

 The Scape Goat 

The cause of the break-up was just an excuse, and he was eager to part ways with you. He was a player. The conflict was part of his scheme, and you went along with it. You followed his lead every step of the way having no idea of the plot he had set for you.

 The Fallback 

The partner dismissed you easily because the promise of a comeback is evident. You made yourself transparent that he/she did not have a single doubt that whenever he/she finds it convenient to look for you, you come back in a snap of a finger. It’s like he/she has set a reservation for you, that if things don’t work for him without you, he could easily find his way to you.  The history will repeat itself. He keeps moving on because he knows there is still someone he can come back to.


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