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Here’s Why Bradley Cooper’s Net Worth Will Surge Massively This Year!

Cooper’s Consistent Rise In The Movie Industry

Bradley Cooper’s career in Hollywood didn’t just begin.  It is safe to say that the director of the movie, A Star Is Born has been around since 2009, working on different sets including Silver Linings Playbook and American Sniper.

For his character in The Hangover, he was paid only $600,000, but ever since then, his net worth has surged tremendously.  Cooper is no doubt a rich man, but he has even made so much more money from A Star Is Born.

Bradley Cooper made only $600,000 on The Hangover and got a $5 million paycheck for The Hangover II, but these days, he gets between $15 to $20 million paycheck per movie.

Movie’s Budget

He made A Star Is Born for only $36 million, and that’s quite a small budget considering that it’s a Hollywood movie featuring two big stars. His gamble ended up being a good one as the film has made $425million and still counting.

The Budget for A Star Is Born was just $36 million, but the movie has brought in over $425 million

The exact salary Cooper got for the film isn’t known, but we all know he took a tripartite role as actor, director, and producer for the movie. That would invariably make his take home huge and even has the potential to double his net worth for the year.

Although the money from A Star Is Born is still counting, reports have it that Cooper’s net worth is currently about $100 million. His director role on A Star Is Born made it the first time he’d take up such a role. This, however, isn’t the first time he has taken up a producer role as he handled the production of quite a number of his past projects.

That includes American Hustle, American Sniper and Silver Linings Playbook and he got Oscar nominations for the three films.

Cooper v. Bradley’s Net Worth

However, his net worth isn’t anywhere near that of Lady Gaga, his co-star on A Star Is Born. Lady Gaga has a net worth of $300 million and the paycheck from A Star Is Born would have just been a tiny drop in her mighty ocean of wealth.

Lady Gaga has a net worth of $300 million while Cooper’s net worth was last reported as $100 million

Working on the film helped Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga make more money, and they have reportedly become very close friends. According to Gaga, they had instant chemistry as they had so much in common. For instance, they are both Italian and also come from the East Coast.

Co-starring the movie has made them friends for life. According to Cooper, he has made a friendship that would last for the rest of his life. He added that the greatness of the movie isn’t what he would always remember forever, but rather the relationship he has with the Born-this-Way crooner whom he described as incredible. He noted that he felt lucky that he got to work with her.

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