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Highly Sought after Careers in Canada

Canada is one of the rare countries in the world that call for immigrants to come and settle on their land. It also has some special programs for skilled workers to come as soon as possible. While some provinces crave only for French-speaking workers, other require at least basic English.

A special program called: Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, or IRCC in short, gives immigration policies and makes decisions about who can enter Canada. You have to get more information on the IRCC if you want to immigrate to Canada. Depending on which immigration program you are eligible to apply, here are the instructions you have to follow, for example if you want to settle down in Ontario.

Here are the jobs which are sought for throughout the country.


This job position is always in demand in many countries in the world. There are a series of steps and procedures that the nurses need to follow if they want to work in Canada. Still, all of the different Canadian provinces have their own regulations and requirements.  Generally, all the applicants should qualify for the mandatory education requirements for a nurse in Canada.

To begin with, the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) has to assess all the qualifications and convert them into the North American standards by. Since the registration requirements are different for every territory and province, all aspiring nurses in Canada have to get assessed by the nursing regulatory body in the particular territory or province they intend to immigrate to.

For example, the province of Quebec has a special Skilled Worker Program for those aspiring to take up permanent residency there. There is a points-based selection method. Points are allocated for work experience, education level, age, language ability, and the area of expertise. Those who score enough of the requisite points can very well hope to acquire the Canadian permanent residence Work Visa. Knowing French (basic knowledge if not higher) is mandatory in Quebec.

Corporate sales persons

Any corporate sales manager can have a comfortable and well-paying career in Canada. The number of job opportunities in this field has been growing each year. Such job opportunities include management of the sales department, maintaining client relationships, and delivery of communication outside the organization. If you wish to work in Canada as a salesperson, here is how to look for a job position.


The salary for lawyers in Canada is competitive. Anyone who has a bachelor’s degree and passes the Law School Admission Test can find this career in Canada. Upon finishing a law school, a person has to pass the bar exam in the province he chooses to work in. One day, you may be among these people who are very much successful in Canada.

Database Administrator

Tech-based jobs are generally very popular all around the world, and this is among the sought jobs in Canada right now. A Database Administrator takes care of storing and organizing data through some special software. They do the planning, monitoring, and backing-up data. Other highly valued employees for the Canadian employers are Computer Hardware Engineers, IT Managers, Solution Architects, Software  Development Managers, Software Architects…


This is a growing area in the health care field. Although many Canadian universities offer Pharmacy degrees for Canadian students, the country needs more of them from abroad. Those Pharmacists coming from foreign countries and having three or more years of working experience are considered as valuable employees. If you are a Pharmacist by profession, take no further ado and start searching for the adequate employment in Canada.


This is probably the highest-paying job in Canada. The average base salary is now at about $212,270. Imagine what would you do with that amount of money every month. The demand for medical professionals is always high in Canada. If you’re just starting medical school, rest assured that there will be plenty of job positions open for you when you get your diploma. If not in Canada, in some other countries in America or Europe which highly appreciates its citizen’s health issues, you will be able to work for this or even higher, monthly salary.

Apart from these six jobs, there are also many other open job positions in Canada right now. Canada is currently in need for Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Electronics Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Welders, Waiters, Truck Drivers… For more information check this site.

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