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Hillary Clinton Loves Her D.C. Home, and We Now Know Why

Naturally, you’d expect a former US President to be living in quite the magnificent home, right? It also helps that the wife to said former POTUS was and still is in politics, rising to the position of Secretary of State, and even vying for the highest office in the land in the most recent presidential election.

She looks so comfortable being here, doesn’t she?

Have you worked out who we’re talking about yet? Of course, it’s Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary. The couple has a home in D.C. just a short distance from Embassy Row, and the couple describes it as a perfect family refuge.

Emotional Reaction

Speaking to Architectural Digest, Hillary admitted to having an emotional reaction to the house the first time she saw it. That was back in 2000 when the now 71-year-old earned a sit at the Senate. This eventuality necessitated a residence that she’d stay in when the House was in session, so she had to start hunting for a house.

As soon as she came to the house now dubbed Whitehaven, Hillary knew that it was meant to be. She climbed up the floors, checked out the views from up there, and says that she felt like she was in New York or London of yesteryears. For the gardens, she reveals that they were the best she had set her eyes on throughout that house hunting period.

And although the then-senator fell in love with the house right away, she did notice that it would necessitate an extensive renovation. And although she primarily resides in New York with her husband, there’s no love lost with this piece of property as the two frequently spend time in D.C.


Fancy a swim? The living room directly overlooks the pool

For three years (2003-2006), Hillary embarked on the renovation, the building so needed, soliciting help from an interior designer. That it took that long to perfect the house must tell you that the end product was indeed deserving of a senator. The 5,500 square feet of space that the residence occupies had been done justice.

According to Hillary, she mostly enjoyed adding a naturally-lit living room at the back of the house, which is now one of her most favorite spots at the home. It overlooks the pool and gardens at the backyard, and it is also perfect for naps and receiving guests.

Mother-daughter collaboration

For the colors with which to paint the new house, Hillary asked her mom for help. Dorothy Rodham also helped her daughter in picking out the pieces of furniture that would be a perfect fit. According to Hillary, both mother and daughter love color, and all that is present in the house is thanks to their collaboration.

This dining room looks really inviting

The dining room could very well be the brightest of all rooms, with its walls displaying an appealing bright blue color.

For the floor, Hillary went for a bright rug, but still one that wouldn’t stain easily in the event of a spill. This, she says, was intended to make her guests more comfortable if anything amiss happened over the course of a meal.

Without a doubt, Hillary loves the house dearly, and she admits that she spends every minute she can spare within its walls.

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