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Homeland’s Real-Life Version – Former Marine Planned a Terror Attack on Christmas

A 26-year-old former U.S. marine corps, Everitt Aaron Jameson, was arrested last Wednesday for planning a deadly terrorist attack on Christmas Day. During his interaction with an undercover FBI agent, whom he thought of as a senior leader of Islamic State, Jameson revealed his plan to target San Francisco’s Pier 39 on December 25th, when it is the most crowded with people celebrating Christmas.

What caused this former marine to such an extreme decision which could have potentially ended so many innocent lives?

Everitt Aaron Jameson

Family Shocked to Hear Charges Against Jameson

Only a few days before the police arrested Everitt Aaron Jameson for potting a terrorist attack in San Francisco, he had gone to the Oakland Raiders game with his father and a few close friends. None of his family had the slightest suspicion about Jameson’s deadly plan. In an interview with Merced Sun-Star, Gordon Jameson, the suspect’s father, said that he could not believe his eyes when the police showed up at his doorstep on December 22nd looking for his son.

Gordon said that his son had shown no signs of nervousness or distress at the game and the two had a really good time together. He also assured the media that Everitt wasn’t a violent person and never had any issues with his temper.

Jameson’s entire family is in shock to hear the FBI say that he had been charged with planning a Christmas day suicide attack at a crowded tourist attraction in San Francisco.

A few family members have come forward with claims that the former marine had been involved in a custody battle for his children for a long time and the court had recently decided to give sole custody to the mother which had made him angry and depressed – some had even gone as far as saying that Jameson was suicidal.

 The former marine had been involved in a custody battle for his children for a long time which had made him depressed 

Undercover FBI Agent Unveils Horrifying Truth

According to Jameson’s family, the 26-year-old who worked as a tow truck driver, had developed an interest in Islam a year ago but had never been influenced by any terrorist organizations. However, during a conversation with the undercover FBI agent, who Jameson considered to be his ally, the suspect had gone to a Muslim center two years ago and professed faith in the religion. His father continued to defend his son despite all the evidence against him. He asserted in the interview that nobody knows Everitt like he does, and to say that he is a terrorist is simply absurd.

The authorities were first tipped off by an anonymous source about suspicious activities on Jameson’s social media accounts. The suspect had publishing posts in the favor of Islamic State and had even joined several pro-terrorism and pro-IS groups on Facebook.

The FBI began an undercover operation to unveil Jameson’s real intentions. Jameson revealed the details of his terrorist plan to an undercover agent disguised as a senior IS leader. He said that he wanted to strategically place explosives in San Francisco’s Pier 39 in order to tunnel the people into one place where he could easily inflict more casualties.

The FBI affidavit stated that Jameson had strategically picked out a location which he knew was the busiest during holiday season and had even sent site photos, location on the map and other details to the undercover agent.

Everitt Aaron Jamison was plotting a terrorist attack at San Francisco’s Pier 39

Authorities Find Suicide Note And Ammunition In Suspect’s Home

The suspect had also requested the FBI agent for ammunition, remote detonators and other essential components to build a pipe bomb but he did not have an escape plan for himself because he knew that he was going to die as well. As a former marine, Jameson had received rigorous training in using M-16 and AK-47 rifles and earned a sharpshooter qualification during his recruitment in 2009. He was dismissed from the service for not disclosing his history of asthma.

While searching his home in Modesto, the authorities had even found firearms hidden in his room along with a suicide note that read: “ I, Abdallah Everitt ibn Gordon have committed these acts upon the non-believers, in the name of Islam. Allahu Akbar (Allah is the Greatest)!”

The suspect also wrote that he did not accept Donald Trump’s statement that Jerusalem was Israel’s capital because it belonged to the Muslims. The note ended with the words, “Long Live Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.”

Do you believe his family?

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