Have a look at some of the most expensive homes owned by television show hosts, TV personalities, and news anchors! We often look at actors, actresses, singers, and the entertainers, but they’re not the only people with the money to splurge on lavish homes – and sometimes, many houses at a time! Here we have plenty of homes that have been bought and then sold by high-earning personalities, and we have a look at their houses’ asking prices, selling prices, and how much they were bought for. There are some celebs who have their head screwed on right – but some made some poor decisions that we could all learn from!

Michael Strahan – $17 Million, Los Angeles

Former NFL star-turned-media personality Michael Strahan lives in this sprawling mansion in Los Angeles. Michael, who is a contributor on Good Morning America, bought the house in 2013 and splashed $17 million on it. The house features an astonishing nine bedrooms and 14 bathrooms! There is also a formal dining room, French doors, a chef’s kitchen, and numerous amenities. Michael’s lavish residence also features a theater with leather seating for 20 people as well as a game room and a home gym. And if he doesn’t want to take the stairs, he can always use the elevator!


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