Have a look at some of the most expensive homes owned by television show hosts, TV personalities, and news anchors! We often look at actors, actresses, singers, and the entertainers, but they’re not the only people with the money to splurge on lavish homes – and sometimes, many houses at a time! Here we have plenty of homes that have been bought and then sold by high-earning personalities, and we have a look at their houses’ asking prices, selling prices, and how much they were bought for. There are some celebs who have their head screwed on right – but some made some poor decisions that we could all learn from!

Jimmy Kimmel – $8 Million, Los Angeles

Tucked in Los Angeles, in a glorious laid-back but tightly packed neighborhood called Hermosa Beach is a plain 2,110-square-foot home that’s been bought for $8 million by Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearny, his second wife. Well, both have been long-time fans of Hermosa, but still, it seems like quite a lot to put down for a relatively small home (in comparison to others on the list, but large for Hermosa). This is the Kimmels’ third buy in the area. The transaction was done privately, off-market, in January 2017. The original date of construction is 1940, but we suspect plenty of home remodeling has been undertaken.

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