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Jungle Resorts To Make Your Holidays Exciting 

If you consider taking a memorable holiday by making use of jungle resorts, you would definitely have made a decision that would give you some exciting times. Choosing to take a vacation in a jungle doesn’t mean that you have to battle mosquitoes or to try to get a shower under a trickle of water. Jungle resorts provide a chance to witness nature closely while having a great time. 

In this article, we provide a list of recognized hotels that are famous for their role in the preservation of fragile ecosystems. These do not offer five-star luxury. However, they will definitely provide you with something special in terms of a priceless view and incredible food.

 “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”John Muir

These jungle resorts will give you an unforgettable experience:

The Cristalino Lodge 

This lodge is located within the Brazilian Amazon, and it is one of the top jungle lodges in the world. Located in the midst of wild nature, this 18 room eco-Lodge offers high-end lodging. The Lodge lies in a private nature reserve along the densely forested banks of the Cristalino River.

If you decide to visit Cristalino Lodge during your holiday, you will have an opportunity to listen to the eerie calls of nocturnal animals. You’ll also get a chance to see birds such as parakeets, macaws, and parrots. There are guides to lead you every step of the way and river excursions where you can click as many pictures as you desire. However, if you intend to have a fantastic time, you need to plan your trip in advance.  

The Mandina Lodges 

Situated in Gambia, Africa, these luxurious lodges have set exemplary standards for eco-friendly luxury. You will have an opportunity to enjoy the magic that takes place in an eco-resort along river Mandina, which is lined by mangroves. The good thing about these lodges is that they are free from mosquitoes. There are three types of accommodations in Mandina Lodge. The first is jungle lodges with private roof terraces. These are set back from the river. Secondly, there are River lodges that can either float or remain on stilts.

There is also a mangrove Lodge with a large canopied terrace. This one is hidden along a small inlet within the mangroves. Here, you will have access to pools with magnificent jungle views together with land and river excursions every day. The room service at the Lodge is great, and the delicious meals will add to the deluxe feelings.  The luxury becomes better when you begin to hear the chatter of monkeys and the twitter of birds. However, be prepared to manage your holidays without access to Wi-Fi or television here. 

The Sukau Rain Forest Lodge 

This magnificent eco-lodge is located on the banks of one of the most important waterways of Asia, the Kinabatangan River. It is close to a wildlife sanctuary that is famous for its exceptional biodiversity. You are not likely to be disappointed with your holiday to this wonderful lodge, particularly when you decide to go outside on river cruises on locally crafted wooden boats.

This lodge will provide you with an opportunity to view seven species of primates, including the proboscis monkey and orangutans. Elephants, leopards, rhinos and sun bears also roam around freely out here. The rooms at the Lodge are comfortable and stylish. Other benefits include sundecks, Wi-Fi, and an expansive boardwalk along with foot spa treatments. 

The lodges listed here are located some distance away from you. Therefore, it is essential that you make travel arrangements well in advance. These places are not just popular because of their locations but can also be congested during certain times of the year. The weather here is great, so you will not be required to carry warm clothing around. Moreover, you will certainly not be disappointed. In fact, these places will leave you wanting more.

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