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Kanye West Purchased a $14 Million Condo As a Present For Kim!

Christmas is the season of giving, there’s no doubting that. While some of us might give our significant others a watch, a bracelet, or even a necklace, it seems like our celebrities like to take things to the next level.

As a matter of fact, Kanye West surprised Kim Kardashian with an extravagant gift.

Indeed, the enigmatic rapper flexed his net-worth after purchasing a $14 million condo which is part of the blissful 18-story Faena House complex situated in Miami Beach.

Kanye, who spent a large portion of his time in the area, decided to inspect the property while he was attending Art Basel in the area.

According to E! News, Kanye completely blew Kim’s mind with the Christmas gift. As a matter of fact, the two had not made any plans to view the condo together primarily because they have not been looking for any property to purchase.

Moreover, as per the reports, the condo in question is about 4700 square feet and consists of 4 bedrooms, inclusive of five and a half bathrooms.

Kanye spent $14 million on a condo as a Christmas gift for Kim Kardashian

Condo Housing At Its Finest

Additionally, the new purchase further has a massive wraparound terrace.

If that’s not enough to reiterate the level of luxury, the condo also comes with extra building amenities such as a spa, a gym, and a swimming pool.

The news of the new property purchase hit the media shortly after the couple, who are parents to Chicago West (11), Saint West (3), and North West (5), spent Christmas with their family and friends at their residence located in Southern California.

Indeed, this was Kimye’s first year hosting family celebrations for the annual party carried out on Christmas Eve every year. Usually, the event is hosted at Kris Jenner’s home.

In an interview with E! News, Kim informed that this was the first year ever that she and Kanye were hosting the Christmas Eve party at their home.

She continued by saying that it was the first time someone was taking over from her mom. Despite the fact that her mom is still throwing it, it will be at their house because of the extra space.

Apart from the Jenner-Kardashian family, other guests to attend the bash include Paris Hilton, Alex Rodriguez, and Jennifer Lopez.

It was also the couple’s first time hosting the New Year’s Eve Party at the end of the year

The Kimye Family Homes

When it comes to luxury, only the Kimyes know how to flaunt it best. Indeed, we can only marvel at the amount of cash that has been splashed on some of the mansions in question. So let’s kick it off, shall we?

Hidden Hills– Indeed, looks like Kim and Kanye aren’t worried about what their financial advisor will say regarding all the property that they are buying. In fact, in February of 2016, the couple purchased a jaw-dropping $20 million mansion in Hidden Hills, and splurging much more on renovations.

Bel-Air Mansion– Wouldn’t we love to spend just one night on the 9,000 square foot Bel Air home that Kim and Kanye purchased in 2011?

Indeed, the couple splashed a whopping $11 million on the mansion, and spent millions more ensuring that the renovations were just right. That being said, the couple decided to part with it in 2017

In fact, Kim went as far as giving Marina Acton, the new buyer of the mansion and a prolific entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, a personal tour of the massive estate boasting six-rooms.

The couple managed to sell the mansion for $17.8 million

The Kardashians have spent lavishly on some of the homes that they own

Other Notable Kardashian Homes

Just like Kimye, the other Kardashians also spend big in terms of the homes they opt to purchase. Take for instance Kylie Jenner, who together with her boyfriend Travis Scott, bagged themselves a 9,000 square-foot home on October 2018 in Beverly Hills.

Interestingly, the couple decided to split the cost 50-50, despite the massive net-worth that Kylie has over her boyfriend.

Indeed, the price tag is estimated to be somewhere around the $13.5 million range, of which the couple has called an investment.

It consists of 7 bedrooms, together with 10 baths, a state of the art separate guest house, as well as a swimming pool.

That being said, Kylie also has a primary residence in the posh estates of Hidden Hills, with her house costing a cool $12 million.

Nevertheless, for the Billionaire to be, that’s pocket change, right?

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