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Kanye West Wants to Eradicate Homelessness, But There’s a Major Flaw in His Plan

We all know how Kanye West likes taking matters into his own hands. That unfortunate Taylor Swift incident definitely comes to mind, but we’d like to think that those days are behind the rapper. This time around, what Kanye is up to is actually a good cause, and it involves trying to help the homeless.

Community Housing

Kanye and his family live in Calabasas

You do know that Kanye, his wife, and family live in Calabasas, don’t you? It is within the California city that the singer has fully immersed himself into a community housing project, with the domes he is building actually being set up in his 300-acre residence. This must be the height of selflessness, or what do you think?

According to the rapper, who also happens to be a very successful entrepreneur, building the domes is an attempt to break down the walls that separate societal classes. With this project, Kanye hopes to bridge the gap between the poor, middle class, and the rich in terms of their interaction for a start.

Straight out of a sci-fi blockbuster

The domes, which Kanye also hopes to shelter the homeless in, are something you’d think came straight out of a sci-fi blockbuster movie. At 50 feet, they are hollow wood structures, ones that the rapper says have been inspired by each period in man’s long history on earth.

What’s unclear, however, is how long the project will take, and after it’s done, the criteria of selecting who gets to live there. But knowing Kanye and the moves he makes in the business world, there must be a plan in place, and if it isn’t just yet, someone on his team must be looking into it.


Unfortunately, Kanye’s neighbors aren’t as enthusiastic about the domes as the rapper is. Several complaints have been filed against the construction, with the first one being on July 18. A neighbor complained of late-night construction, resulting in an inspector paying a visit to the site the following day.

When asked to produce a construction permit, the site manager told the inspector that the domes were temporary and part of artistic production, negating the need for said permit. Earlier this month, another complaint was filed, and when another inspector visited the site, they found Kanye to be in breach of building codes.

Upon exploring the site, this second inspector discovered that the domes had concrete foundations, thereby making them permanent and in direct conflict with what the site manager had previously let on.

When embarking on a permanent construction project, you need to apply for both building permits and planning permission. Guess what? Our good rapper applied for none. So much for being selfless.

However, a light still remains at the end of the tunnel, with Kanye having a few weeks to get his paperwork ready and apply for the permits. If he does this any time before September 15, his domes will be safe, and he can then carry on with his project.

Kim will push him towards doing the right thing

Naturally, failure to submit the necessary documentation will lead to a permanent shutting down of the whole endeavor, but we think Kanye knows better than to fight the government. It’s such a good idea he’s got going, so it’s best for everyone if he did everything by the book. Kim will push him into doing the right thing, won’t she?

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