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Love Tennis? So Do These Popular Celebrities Who Graced the Wimbledon This Year

For tennis lovers, there couldn’t be a better time than this exact moment. Wimbledon is on, and as usual, the tournament has lived up to expectations and then some. For starters, who saw Coco Gauff coming? Barilla have already offered to sponsor the 15-year-old rising star, and seeing that the company also sponsors Roger Federer, need we say more about her talent?

Drawing Celebrities

Year upon year, celebrities have been drawn to the tournament, and they rarely go back home disappointed. 2019 hasn’t been any different, with the All England Club playing host to a number of celebrity spectators.

Wimbledon always draws out celebrity spectators

Among them include the Royals, Duchesses Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, the lovely Maisie Williams of Game of Thrones fame, Anna Wintour, and former baseball pro and J.Lo’s partner, Alex Rodriguez. These are just a few mentions, and that the tournament is just in its quarter-finals stage, more celebrities are expected to show up.

A week after the Duchess of Cambridge visited Wimbledon, her siblings James and Pippa Middleton also joined the party in a timely fashion. In addition to being there for the love of the sport, their presence was also in support of the Duchess who serves as Wimbledon’s patron. In this capacity, Kate Middleton tagged Meghan Markle to watch the finals last year.

This time around, however, the Duchess of Sussex went on her own. She chose Independence Day to take a break from motherly duties, and instead visit the tournament to watch Serena Williams sweat it out at the court. You may think that she was just there as a fan (and yes she was), but what you may not know is that the royal and the athlete are actually very good friends.

The Middleton’s all seem to have a thing for tennis, as Michael and Carole Middleton (Kate’s parents) also showed up at the tournament three days in. Wonder if this trend will be passed on to Kate’s children? There’s a strong likelihood of that, to be honest.

Michael and Carole Middleton couldn’t miss it for the world

The Royal Flair

Thus far, 2019’s Wimbledon seems to have quite the royal flair, no? In addition to members of the British monarch, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark has also graced the tournament with his presence, visiting during its initial stages.

Can we refer to Maisie Williams as a royal too? Well, she may not be one out here on the real world, but she sure was in Game of Thrones, being Sansa’s (Queen in the North) sister and all. On 8th July, Arya took a break from sailing West of Westeros and showed up in London as Maisie. Get it? ;);)

And if you think that celebrity spectators started showing up after the tournament was well underway, you couldn’t be more wrong. Day 1 saw Alessandro Nivola and his wife Emily Mortimer on the stands, and A-Rod soon joined the couple. They were visibly entertained throughout the matches, and you could see them engaging in lively conversation.

A-Rod in conversation with Nivola and Mortimer

Day 1 also saw Pitch Perfect’s Rebel Wilson grace the occasion, with the Australian showing up in a classy black dress and a navy blue handbag to complete her look. She was a welcome invitation to the tournament no doubt.

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