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Michael Douglas Finds a Unique Way to Promote $32 Million Seaside Estate That Hasn’t Sold in 4 Years

No one seems to be interested in Michael Douglas’ Mallorca home, or is the price just too steep? The actor has had this piece of property on the market for quite a while now, and has even decided to up his antics in promoting its sale.

Michael Douglas is selling his massive Mallorca estate for $32.28 million

To this end, Douglas’ voice features in a new promotional video, selling the Balearic Islands estate for a steep $32.28 million. The residence has been in the actor’s real estate portfolio since 1990, when Douglas acquired it with Diandra Luker (his then-wife) for $3.5 million.

Listed in 2014

With his current wife Cathrine Zeta-Jones, the couple has been trying to offload the home since 2014. That year, they were asking for $60 million to get the estate off their hands. A few years down the line, they’ve had to almost halve their initial asking price to at least get the potential buyers interested.

The estate impressively sits on 250 acres of land, and it comprises of multiple buildings, among which are five apartments and two cottages. In total, it boasts ten bedrooms complemented by eleven bathrooms, a library, home theatre, game room, wine cellar, and an outdoor kitchen and heated pool. The place even has its very own vineyard!

Cathrine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas make a good couple, don’t you think?

Some time ago, Douglas had referred to the home as his spiritual sanctuary, but it seems as though it no longer serves that purpose. In the promotional video, the actor even admits as much, saying that his life is now chartering a new course, and he thinks it’s the high time he let someone else enjoy the estate as much as he did.

A-List Guests

With Douglas playing host, the Mallorca home has had some top guests over the years. Michael Pfeiffer, Nicole Kidman, Jack Nicholson, and Tom Cruise are just some of the A-list celebrities who’ve had the pleasure of enjoying Douglas’ S’Estaca spiritual home in all its glory.

While promoting the house, Douglas makes a point of revealing that it was once owned by Ludwig Salvator, an Austrian archduke. According to the actor, Ludwig purchased the house in the late 1800s, renovating much of the property while at it. The archduke, therefore, is to thank for the stucco walls lining the main house, plus the eye-catching crenellations present on the roofline.

There’s no doubt that his son has been a guest at this home time and again

The dramatic stairs beneath the villa were also carved out at Ludwig’s request, while at the top rests a bathhouse rumored to have been put up for one of the archduke’s love interests, Sisi. The empress also doubled up as Ludwig’s cousin, making their relations spread like wildfire.

Despite all the work the archduke put into the estate, Douglas has also left his mark on the property. Recalling how he fell right under its spell the first time he saw the residence, the actor quips that he has modernized everything the archduke put up. For a property Douglas thought was initially worth $60 million, we’d better believe that he really put in the work.

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