Climate change is a pressing concern that is plaguing our planet and could potentially affect the lives of the future generations. No wonder several celebrities have in the past come out to publicly speak about it, and Robert Downey Jr. recently announced that he’d be launching a robotics company to try and address the issue.

Let’s face it: global warming iss all too real, given the frequency of natural disasters nowadays and the melting ice in the arctic. Did you know that it’s currently flooding in Mumbai while many other Asian countries are at the risk of sinking into the sea as the ice melts? And of course you remember the hurricanes that have hit parts of the United States in recent times.

No Place to Raise a Child

Until we address climate change, don’t expect kids from Miley

All this and more is what’s making Miley Cyrus opt for no kids, or rather not until we properly address climate change. According to the singer, the world we live in is no place to raise a child, so she sees no reason to nurture a kid in it since earth couldn’t possibly handle more people.

Miley got married to Liam Hemsworth back in 2018, and the partners have a rather complex relationship. The singer refers to it as unique, and says that not most people would get what they have. Given her orientation, it is totally understandable that she would think like that.

According to a poll carried out by INSIDER, Miley and her partner aren’t the only ones who think that bringing kids into the world could hurt the planet. As the poll unearthed, almost one-third of the American population consider climate change and the subsequent negative effects having children could have, before deciding to jump on the bandwagon.

Miley has long been all about female empowerment, and it couldn’t be clearer given her latest music. In that light, the singer also thinks that society treats mother nature as harshly as we treat our women.

See how she’s walking in the opposite direction? Miley never shies away from making her point

Nature is Female

We all know that nature is female, right? We call her mother nature after all. And they also say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. So now that we’ve angered the earth, Miley thinks that mother nature is out to punish us.

Speaking to ELLE, Miley clearly had a lot to get off her chest. In addition to her stand on the earth, she also talked about the pressure put on women to procreate. She admitted that populating the earth was a huge burden women have to bear, and if as a woman one doesn’t have kids as part of the plan, they are judged and people get angry at them. Obviously, this doesn’t sit well with “Hannah Montana.”

Did you know that she doesn’t like being referred to as Liam’s wife? She prefers to be described as his partner, and if this doesn’t scream gender equality, nothing else does.

Miley doesn’t want the “wife” label

Speaking of Hannah Montana, Miley has repeatedly said that she does not regret playing the character, but the 26-year-old also revealed that after she hit 18, it became a little ridiculous dressing up and all.

Miley Stewart was this sweet innocent character, but Hannah was out learning the ways of the world. Miley Cyrus, off-screen, was also learning the ways of the world, and the show seemed to conflict with the course she wanted to chart her life. Either way, for those who loved the show, Miley did a good job at it.

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