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This Is What Miley Cyrus Spends Her Mega-Millions on — the Last Item Will Shock You!

Miley Cyrus started making big bank when she was just eleven, thanks to her lead role in Hannah Montana. For five seasons, she made $15,000 per episode. And although she says she was among the least paid actors on the show, $450,000 per season was a lot of money for a teenager.

This teenager was making $450,000 per year

As she grew older, however, Miley started to disconnect from the Hannah Montana persona. No sooner was the show over than the young lady decided to pursue music full throttle. We all know how that went, don’t we?

A Global Superstar

Today, Miley Cyrus is one of the biggest celebrities in the United States and beyond. Without a doubt, she is a global superstar. With her level of success comes insane amounts of money, and Celebrity Net Worth had her net worth at $160 million in 2017.

Of course, the amount has undoubtedly increased since then, so how about a look at how the Wrecking Ball singer spends her cash?

When it comes to making fashion statements, Miley is up there with the rest of the famed fashion icons. This makes sense, especially since she spends a lot on designer outfits, shoes, everything. Take her handbags, for example. They go for as high as $5,000 per bag, with the cheap ones in the pack going for $1,000. Wow!

In 2010, Miley’s hair was the part of her making headlines. Why, you ask? The world was rejoicing that she was now back to a natural hairdo, but how wrong we were! It was actually a hair extension, one she got by parting with at least $24,000.

Miley doesn’t mind spending big on her hair

She actually had the extension flown to Gemini 14 in New York, dyed, the flew both the hair and the hairdresser from the Big Apple to the City of Angels to have the extension fitted on. Oh such luxury! Don’t you wish you could afford it?

Turning 21

For her 21st birthday, Miley left nothing to chance. Turning 21 is such a big deal you know, so why not go all out? This, in Miley’s terms, meant buying a $25,000 tent and hosting a party in her backyard. And that’s $25,000 without including the money spent on the actual birthday party. What a life!

When this songstress bought a $100,000 Maserati Quattro Porte, not many eyebrows were raised. It took the high-end car being stolen in 2014 for it to hit the headlines, but luckily the singer wasn’t home when the burglars broke in. In addition to the vehicle, the thieves also lined their pockets with lots of jewelry and some of Miley’s personal items.

This singer must really know her cars. Back in 2012, Miley Cyrus purchased a McLaren 12C. She was only 19 at the time, but it seems that $130,000 was already peanuts to her. At least the sports car was well worth it. Soon after buying it, Miley and her now ex-husband Liam Hemsworth were spotted doing rounds around LA in it.

They’d drive around LA in sports cars when they were younger and in love

2019’s Met Gala was the mother of all events, don’t you agree? Miley must have certainly read the memo, seeing as she bought jewelry worth well over $340,000 just for the Met Gala. Wicked!

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