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“The Milk Tea Sister”, a 24 years Old Billionaire, Sells Her Penthouse For an Outrageous Price

Internet is a fascinating place where anyone can become a celebrity overnight. For one Chinese high schooler, life took an interesting turn when a photo of her holding a beverage became the talk of the town and turned her into a social media celebrity. Today, this ‘Milk Tea Sister’ is China’s youngest female billionaire and you won’t believe how much her outrageously lavish penthouse in worth.

Zetian Zhang was initially known for her sweet, angelic looks

The Origin of the ‘Milk Tea Sister’

Zetian Zhang first caught people’s attention with her sweet, angelic looks and a breathtaking smile when a photograph of her holding a tea cup in 2009, went viral on the internet. At that time, Zhang was just an ordinary high school student belonging to a wealthy family in Nanjing.

She was popular in her school for her beauty but no one had ever imagined that her face would become a Chinese symbol of purity and femininity. Her famous photo earned her the nickname Naicha meimei which is translated to ‘Milk Tea Sister’ – a term that she is still known by almost ten years later.

Marriage to China’s Influential Billionaire

Zetian Zhang’s husband, Liu Qiangdong, CEO and founder of the popular e-commerce platform called

Every Chinese girl wanted to have Zhang’s perfect life; after all she was beautiful, famous, rich and ruled the hearts of men around the country. Even after graduating from Tsinghua University, Zhang attracted a lot of attention from media and people were curious to know what she was up to.

She eventually married a rich businessman named Liu Qiangdong, who is the CEO and founder of the popular e-commerce platform called Despite an age difference of 19 years, the couple seemed to have a great chemistry and welcomed their first child in 2016.

A Businesswoman in Her Own Right

Zetian Zhang has now earned a spot on the New Fortune’s Top 500 list 

Following in her husband’s footsteps, who has been named the 174th richest billionaire in the world by Forbes, Zhang started her own investment company. Its success increased her net worth to $11.6 billion, earning her a spot on the list of top 500 by Chinese New Fortune magazine.

Now, she is the new face of Bubs Australia, a popular brand that sells baby formula, and is expected to promote the company in China as well. Zhang’s investment company has a 17% share in Bubs Australia and ever since its stock market debut, the company has seen a significant increase in its share price.

One of the secret weapons that Zhang plans to use for selling Bubs Australia’s products in China is her husband’s e-commerce platform along with other supermarkets and department stores. Bubs Australia is planning to use Zhang’s image of ‘the beautiful young mum’ to appeal to potential consumers in China.

600 Square Meter Sydney Penthouse for Sale

The Vaucluse mansion worth $36 million

The successful couple is taking the business world by storm with their successful companies and it seems like they have quite a bit of money to splurge on expensive properties around the world. Among their numerous luxury homes is a Vaucluse mansion worth $36 million which was previously owned by Leonardo DiCaprio and a triple-storied penthouse in Sydney which the couple bought for $16.2 million two years ago before their wedding in Australia.

The penthouse is now up for sale with an expensive price tag of $18 million. The luxurious pad has a breathtaking panoramic view, internal lift, expensive marble floors and two roof terraces and it is nearly 600 square meters. The posh apartment also has four bedrooms, a lavish dining room as well as a living room. The interior has been given a modern and contemporary touch with a neutral color palette and design elements like leather couches and abstract art.

With one of their properties in Sydney listed on the market, the billionaire couple must resort to their Vaucluse mansion for a family getaway with their baby daughter. Liu Qiangdong acquired the $36 million Rosselli-designed property through his business associates, Huang Qiarong and Zhang Xuansong, while he was still married to his ex-wife Gilly.

What Would You do With This Kind of Fortune?

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