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Is MLM a SCAM or a Legit Business?

Whichever social network you are using – YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – you must have noticed a huge shift in posts, with a large percentage being from women and/or mothers. And, every day, as you go through your news feed, you will see an abundance of posts with catch phrases such as “are you ready to try this” or “join me.”

So, why is there such a sudden rise in start-up businesses?

Why are there dozens upon dozens of those posts being blasted through all kinds of social media? It just seems that everyone is being fooled to jump on someone else’s  bandwagon of whatever they’re showcasing, because… they think the grass might be greener on the other side?

The short and simple truth that we found through research and personal experience is – it actually works. These schemes that are everywhere are actually creating opportunities for everyone involved. Millions of people now have a chance to start their own businesses from their homes.

At this day and age, in this economy, it takes two salaries to make a decent living. The country is fighting to afford paid family leave for every one of its families, and the people are getting sick and tired of always being sick and tired.

In other words

We all have good months and the bad ones. During the bad ones, it seems like we simply cannot stay afloat. On the other hand, in the good months, the paycheck actually lasts right until the next one arrives.

We no longer want to work long, exhausting hours away from our homes and families. However, we have no other choice if we want to afford a decent living, to put food on the table, and clothes on our backs. There is no other choice because if we want to have kids, we must afford them. Afterward, we must also afford someone else to raise them while we are out there doing something else.

Therein lies the reason for these posts. What you correctly noticed were mothers and women who advertise their own small businesses.  After all the reasons we mentioned, and many others left unsaid, it is no wonder and no surprise that these ladies have decided to take their faiths into their own hands.

These women have reached their breaking points and are taking giant leaps of faith to become entrepreneurs—to be their own bosses while doing something that gives them more freedom.

And it’s working out great!

Many people are trying to tag these businesses as pyramid schemes, but in this story, there are none. Pyramid schemes are illegal. What people see and misunderstand here is multi-level marketing. Multi-level marketing is the reason they are able to work with such a high success rate. The MLM is set up in such a manner that helps small businesses to have a huge potential for success.

Try to think of it like this. A traditional brick and mortar business that no one is “scared” of needs a manager to help assist people with their job, right? And that person has a boss? And that boss has someone to oversee him too, and so on, right? The answer is yes, yes, yes and definitely yes.

Don’t all these managers, bosses and CEO’s depend on their staff to do their jobs properly to make the company successful?

Most certainly so!

Now, if you are motivated and want to advance, you will work towards the greater good of your company. If you like your job, you will talk about it. You will tell your friends about a restaurant you like; if you like clothing you bought, you will share it. Right?

If all of these are things that you do, we are all involved in some kind of a pyramid scheme! Small businesses that are blooming everywhere these days are just that – small businesses. When you buy from a chain store, you are helping out a millionaire become even richer. When you are buying from these entrepreneurs, you are helping them pay the bills, raise their kids, pay for meds, or college.

It is more than just posts on social media or setting up a few groups or parties. It’s a lot of time, sleepless nights, a lot of planning, and an immense amount of effort.

So, when you’re scrolling through social media and wondering whether some of these legit or too good to be true, think twice. That is just their way to get on the market and grow their businesses. As such, give them a chance. They might surprise you with their serious approach to work, one-on-one customer care, and high quality of the product they are offering.

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