On Sunday, while giving a speech on the SXSW Movie and Tech summit, which was held at Austin,Texas, Elon Musk expressed his pessimism and fear on the incessant quest for technological advancement in the development of artificial intelligence, otherwise known as ‘AI.’ Elon said he’s very frightened by the thought of it. Apparently, he strongly believes that AI can be far more deadly when compared to nuclear firearms.

He also pointed out that the level of unbelievable development in the building of AI is very scary. It’s very important that every builder and programmer of artificial intelligence must be controlled, he warned. Elon Musk, a billionaire who only recently declared his plans to pioneer the planet Mars, fears Al can colonize our planet in the least-expected time.

Musk speaking at the SXSW gathering in Texas

AI and Tesla are Causing Musk a Real Headache 

At the Q&A session which the SXSW festival organized, Musk confessed that there are two issues that give him immense stress at the moment, and they are AI’s uncurbed potential risks that are a threat to lives, and the problems of manufacturing the customized Type III electric automobile of Tesla.

Musk admitted to being very close to getting the exceptional breakthrough in the productions of artificial intelligence, but he’s very afraid at the same time to do so. AI has the capacity of overthrowing and overpowering every human being living on Earth, and the speed at which it’s been developed is extremely alarming, he added.

He used Google as an example. Google created a technology which is being run through the properties of AI, and it’s called ‘AlphaGo.’ AlphaGo was designed to play Go, an age-long board game from the Chinese origin. AlphaGo is a proof that technologies are fast evolving. Last year, AlphaGo grabbed a conclusive victory above Go, which is the first placed player of the game and the reputed most stressful action game all over the world.

Elon added a forecasting statement that great leaps in the development of AI would allow automobiles that drive themselves to control every style designed for driving, and it will come to reality next year ending. Musk believes that the Tesla’s 2.0 Autopilot should be at least 100%-200% safer than real beings.

According to Musk, Self-driving cars will be much safer than human-driving ones

AI cons 

Interestingly, Musk has mixed feelings of both excitement and anxiety because of the speedy rate at which technology is growing. He suggested that a necessary standard and guideline that will checkmate the activities of AI builders should be enforced, to safeguard the protection of the people in the world, although he didn’t mention any agency that could do that.

In his speech, he said that the threats AI can bring are greater than the deadly tendencies of nuclear weapons in so many ways. The tech guru and money man plans to design a society operating a Plan B process in Mars. He said he has to work on another alternative if AI or its counterpart, nuclear weapon, destroy the entire face of the earth.

Mars may be the potential next stop to inhabit if AI turns against us in the future

He’s planning to take about 1 million human beings to planet Mars to start afresh as his Plan B nation. This project would be the best backup plan which he must embark upon soonest before the Earth’s destruction, that may be similar to World War III, begins.

Addressing the audience on the issue of distressed nuclear, Musk explained that he and his team are working hard towards ensuring that there are sufficient remnants of modernization tucked away in a safe place, in case the need to use them for reducing the longevity of the dark era, comes to life. He believes in securing a location which will be self-reliant, and Mars seems to be the best choice due to its potential ability to outlive a moon planet. However, he hasn’t released his strategies on how to keep the first Plan B citizens alive on Mars for as long as they might be there.

Do you think AI is able to colonize our planet?

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