You have probably already seen the hilarious viral video of a child running into a room during an important interview with the BBC. The video became an instant sensation, and Robert Kelly (the father who was being interviewed) has received both criticism and praise for his reaction. Well, these are the lessons you can learn from his experience.

For those who have not yet seen it the video has been posted on YouTube by the BBC with the name “Children interrupt BBC News interview – BBC News.” The video has already received over 22 million views. Feel free to take a pause from reading this article and watch the video before continuing. The father desperately tried to remain composed and act professionally while his kids were simply being themselves and their mother wanted to get them out without being noticed (the mission impossible).

As noted earlier, some people reacted negatively and claimed that he should not have put his work before his kids. On the other hand, others saw him for what he is—just another father making a living for his family and doing his best at his work.

Now it is time for the lessons this video taught us.

our personal life will not destroy your career

As the business scene is evolving, more and more people are working from their homes and doing their jobs while still being close to their families. In the previous decades, the business world was kept completely separate from one’s private life. Today, the picture is very different.

Today, the picture is very different. Gallup data shows that the number of people that are, in some capacity, working remotely has increased by four percent from the year 2012 to last year. The new number stands at 43%. Since 43% of people tend to work from home, it is becoming acceptable and even expected for their personal life to show up during their working time.

 You do not have to be perfect all the time

Robert Kelly has stated that he was afraid that BBC would never contact him again after the incident took place. However, the network never even contemplated punishing such a lovable incident. In fact, as soon as they received his apology letter, they asked him if they are allowed to share the footage. It became an instant viral hit! To add to that, they decided to hold an interview with him regarding the incident itself, to make a video where the babies were expected to show up. That video got to 6 million views quickly and is still counting.

This video, and the, mostly positive, aftermath, teaches us that we no longer have to be scared of being less than a 100% perfect. It is okay to slip up sometimes.

 Do not try to fight it; it is better to just roll with it

One should also notice his behavior during the follow-up interview. He showed up with both his children and his wife, and he didn’t try to stop his daughter from playing with a plastic hammer or banging away during the interview. Granted, he was prepared for this one, but he has definitely shown us that family comes first.

 Do not pass blame onto somebody else

Robert Kelly took full responsibility for not locking the door before the interview started. He did not try to blame his wife for letting the children enter. Neither did he get angry with his children for barging in. He even went on to praise his wife and told the journalists that she deserves a medal for how she tried to move them out and save the broadcast.

So, to wrap the lecture up, Robert Kelly and his family have taught us how to properly react to incidents, respect each other, and maintain a happy life in a hectic world we live in. The mostly positive reactions of the people viewing the video have taught us that the times have changed enough for your family to be accepted into your professional life.

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