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New York’s Most Expensive Foods 

A coffee shop within Oakland recently made an announcement; they will be selling the most expensive cup of coffee in America. This is not a distinction of any type because it is well known that around 1% of the population within the US finds New York as its favorite playground. New York’s most expensive foods have been the subject of discussion among many who do not consider money as a concern. Read on to understand how you can treat yourself to New York’s most expensive foods. Remember there is even something for your furry friends if a few dollars are not going to break your bank. 

“That who sold the expensive for no price, bought the cheap with the highest price.”  Raja Rayshouny

Dog Biscuits For $7 A Piece 

Seven dollars will definitely not set you back by a large margin. However, is quite a good sum of money to spend on a treat for your furry friend. These dog biscuits are infused with Foie gras and produced by the Bouchon Bakery in Columbus Circle. They are unsuitable for human consumption because they contain dog food. Your pampered pet, however, will be certain to love them.

Coffee For $18 

Extraction Lab within Sunset Park holds the distinction of being the location for the most expensive cup of coffee within America. The coffee beans are grown at extremely high altitudes and are identified as the Ethiopian Arabica and coming in from Panama. The coffee beans are ground to order and extracted through a $7000 coffee siphon machine which is called the steampunk. A coffee worth $18 during the early stages of the morning can definitely wake you up and make you ready for the activities of the day. 

$100 Grilled Cheese And $150 Flatbread 

The Delmonico’s Restaurant has been serving delicacies to the crowds of Wall Street since 1827. The most expensive dishes they serve, however, cannot be found on their menu. In order to procure these secretive delights, you will need to enter the bar room and order the $100 Wall Street grilled cheese. This is sandwiched in thick brioche L’ Etivaz and Maxx cheeses from Scharfe. This 18-hour slow roasted Wall Street grilled cheese can be taken with aged maple bacon, fig mustard, caramelized onions, and black truffle shavings.

 You can also have an updated take on steak and Martini and opt for the billionaire’s flatbread for $150. This is made from wagyu beef, lobster, black truffle shavings, mushrooms, mascarpone cheese and Hudson Valley Foie gras. To top all these up, there is are edible 24-karat gold leaf shavings. 

Ice Cream Sundaes For $1000 

A couple of ice cream sundaes are available in New York for $1000. The first one is the masterpiece from Serendipity 3. The Guinness book of world records has listed this golden opulence sundae as the most expensive dessert at the market. It is made from vanilla ice cream from Tahiti and includes some of the most expensive chocolates, gold-covered almonds, candied fruit from Paris and grand passion dessert caviar.  This sundae is embellished with a handmade, gilded sugar flower, chocolate truffles, and marzipan cherries. It is also served in a Baccarat Harcourt crystal goblet and a golden spoon which costs $300. 

Pizza For $2000 

If a pizza slice which costs just a dollar does not satisfy your requirements, you are advised to visit an industry kitchen at the South Street Seaport where you can order the 24 karat pizza. This wood-fired pizza is a global melting pot and is topped with Stilton cheese from England, Foie gras, and black truffles from France. It also has Olestra caviar from the Caspian Sea and 24-karat gold leaves from Ecuador.

You should not feel guilty about spending a small fortune for junk food. Why? Because 10% from the sale of every 24 karat pizza is donated to charity.

The $10,000 Martini 

If you haven’t had enough from the above varieties, rest assured that we have been saving the best for the last. At the Blue Bar within the Algonquin Hotel, you will have an opportunity to purchase a $10,000 martini. The drink will also come with a diamond ring, perfect if you want to propose to your girlfriend. The martini service has been in existence for the past ten years, but the last sale was in 2015. 

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