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NFL Players’ Jaw-Dropping Houses & Cars – Take A Deep Breath !

Football season generates excitement akin to the exhilaration of waking up to a greeting card full of money on Christmas morning. But unlike Christmas, NFL players are the ‘reasons for the season.’ Other than being at the heart of one of the most celebrated sports worldwide, they enjoy a few perks and dividends that make their jobs quite enviable. Between amassing millions of dollars in net worth and leaving an indelible legacy in the world of sports, these players are truly living the dream. Sure, being a footballer often translates to paying thousands of dollars in injury insurance given its risks, but when your bank account earnings are bursting at its seams – it is no hassle. Just admire their luxury houses and deluxe cars and see how these demi-gods live.

Richard Sherman – Seattle Mansion, Estimated $2.3 Million

Since his Achilles tendon injury in November 2017, Richard Sherman has quietly eased into enjoying his temporary retirement in his $2.3-million Maple Valley mansion. Thankfully, however, the 29-year-old’s 7-year NFL career is far from over. After landing a $57.4-million contract as Seattle Seahawks’ star cornerback, Sherman’s reputation (and earnings) skyrocketed in 2011 – and naturally, so did his love for luxury. Little wonder this 9,435 square feet of a property includes everything – from a billiards room to a full-sized basketball court. Talk about lush!

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