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NFL Raises Money To Aid Puerto Rico And Provide Hurricane Relief

For the past two months, the Atlantic region was lambasted with a series of calamities that left people struggling to get their lives back on track and reconstruct their damaged properties. A series of Category 4 Hurricanes, that were deemed as the strongest throughout the History, have struck the North American region while Mexico suffered the strongest earthquake that was recorded since. And now, Puerto Rico had suffered innumerable damage and casualties as they were struck by Hurricane Maria, facing a humanitarian crisis because of the aftermath. NFL had stepped up and took the initiative to raise money in order to help the victims of this catastrophic calamity.

Hurricane Maria Devastated Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria Made a Landfall on Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria Made a Landfall on Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico on September 20, wreaking havoc on the island which resulted in a massive destruction of properties and disorganization throughout the country. The Hurricane was so powerful that even the authorities didn’t have time to take damage control and help their fellow countrymen because they were forced to evacuate the buildings they have sheltered. Instead of responding to the victims of the hurricanes, they find themselves hurrying too, in order to save their own lives.

When the hurricane had finally calmed down and the sun’s light rays appeared, they were gobsmacked when they finally saw the catastrophe and destruction the hurricane had caused. The towering buildings, establishments, and dams have all broke, resulting in mass landslides and flash floods which further destroyed their households and their livestock altogether. The country faced its most destructive casualty when the Guajataca dam in Northwest Territory broke out, creating a mass flash flood around the area. This prompts the authorities to issue forced evacuation orders for those living downstream.

“Everything collapsed,” said Héctor Pesquera, the Puerto Rico governor’s director of safety and public protection. “Everything collapsed simultaneously.”

Puerto Rico’s Humanitarian Crisis

This prompted the Puerto Rico to declare a humanitarian crisis and public officials from all over the world had started moving to aid the country. Hillary Clinton tweeted the President and Defense Secretary James Mattis to send the U.S Navy including its hospital ship USNS Comfort to aid Puerto Rico immediately. She stressed that they are also American citizens. Furthermore, Trump also lifted the Jones Act after 10 days, allowing the ships not carrying the US flags to access the island’s ports. Ever since then, thousands of service members arrived on the island, including Pentagon, to address and provide humanitarian relief to the Puerto Ricans.

Many Politicians Urged President Trump to Deploy USNS Comfort to Puerto Rico and Lift the Jonas Act

Many Politicians Urged President Trump to Deploy USNS Comfort to Puerto Rico and Lift the Jonas Act

Around 8000 people reside in refugee centers, while the federal government will continue boosting the regional supply-distribution centers from 11 to “25 or more,”

President Trump also tweets about the updates and on-going rescue and humanitarian efforts the US government had taken.

President Trump continues tweeting about the success of the recovery effort. “We have done a great job with the almost impossible situation in Puerto Rico. Outside of the Fake News or politically motivated ingrates, people are now starting to recognize the amazing work that has been done by FEMA and our great Military,” he says in two posts.

NFL Raises Money to Aid Puerto Ricans

NFL Wants to Raise Money to Give Hurricane Relief to Puerto Ricans

NFL Wants to Raise Money to Give Hurricane Relief to Puerto Ricans

Despite the ongoing efforts, this did not deter the Major League Baseball (MLB) organization to contribute $1 million dollars to aid humanitarian relief to Puerto Ricans as well as the victims of the earthquake in Mexico. They also committed to shouldering the traveling expenses of physicians and medical personnels to provide medical assistance to affected communities. They expressed these supports since they have about 28 players who came from Puerto Rico and about 15 players from Mexico.

The prestigious NFL, on the other hand, will lead a fundraising effort to help the Puerto Ricans. Although the details of the said fundraising have yet to be revealed, the NFL at least said that this event will be partnered with CBS. The network will broadcast the game between Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers. Amazon will also help stream the game online. This will be the first of the ten games Amazon planned to stream online as part of their $50 million rights deal with NFL. Although the NFL has been attacked by President Trump because of the disrespectful behaviors some of their players committed during the national anthem, they still seem unfazed and continue to help their fellowmen in times of crisis.

Will you watch the game and help the NFL reach its targeted fundraiser? Let us know in the comments section…

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