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O.J. Simpson Isn’t Welcome Back To Florida

For those who don’t know who O.J. Simpson is and why the Florida state is making a fuss about his return, let us remind you about his history. O.J. Simpson was sentenced for robbery and kidnapping 10 years ago as he was putting the law in his own hands.

O.J. Simpson’s Career as an NFL Star

OJ Simpson's Career Limelight as an NFL Star

OJ Simpson’s career limelight as an NFL star

Before he committed some heinous crimes that tainted his reputation, Simpson was known as a member of NFL which hailed him the nickname “The Juice”. He was also a broadcaster, an actor, and was once a public figure in the United States. In fact, he entered the College Football Hall of Fame in 1983 and the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985. There was not a single person who didn’t know him for his achievements and influence. However, all of his career and reputation went downhill when he became involved in a trial for the murder of his wife Nicola Brown and her friend Rod Goodman.

Simpson’s History of Crime and Murder

OJ Simpson Got Involved in Court Trials After Murdering his Wife and Friends

OJ Simpson got involved in court trials after murdering his wife and her friend.

He ransacked a Las Vegas room of a memorabilia collector to demand his items back (in which the suspect claimed it was stolen from his home). The memorabilia collector was too terrified because he threatened him with a gun pointed to his head. The entire incident was captured in a CCTV footage, which essentially guaranteed Simpson’s conviction of crimes. Aside from that, Simpson was well-known for his non-guilty plea over the murder of his wife.

The famous catchphrase that emerged in his plea was that “If the [murderer’s] gloves don’t fit, you must acquit!” and the people were irked with his arrogant nature. Eventually, justice has been served when he lost the civil trial and he was ordered to pay for the damages. Since the civil court has light punishments and jurisdiction over a criminal court, Simpson was still able to enjoy being a free man because he was able to pay a bail. Suffice to say, Simpson committed crazy things until he went to jail, 10 years ago. However, it seems that justice is elusive once again because Simpson was able to get an early release from his original sentence and he only spent around 9 years in prison (which was the minimum number of years required).

His Controversial Release

10 Years Later, Simpson Was Released From Prison

10 years later, Simpson was released from prison

On October 1, 2017, the Americans were appalled to hear the announcement of his release. CNN reported that his release wasn’t supposed to be announced publicly but it was, just a few minutes after he was qualified for a release on parole. A day later, the news already exploded about his release. Now, you might be curious as to why the Florida state doesn’t want him to enter the state? Well, it’s because Simpson expressed his interest to live in Florida even when he was still in jail. Main reason Simpson wanted to come back to Florida is that he wanted to be reunited with his family who was living there. This information was given by his attending lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne.

And now that he’s free, ABC News reported that Pam Bondi, the State Attorney General of Florida, took preemptive action to inhibit the former NFL star from living in that state. In an interview, Attorney Bondi said that “disturbing history of arrests and destructive behavior,” were her reasons for barring Simpson from her state, and that Florida, “should not become a country club for this convicted criminal.”

In the meantime, while another case is ongoing, Simpson will have to remain in Las Vegas. Now, we only have to wait to see how this case will go and if Simpson will be granted to entry and live in Florida State, or will he remain living the rest of his life in Las Vegas? Only time can tell.

How would you feel about Simpson living in Florida? Is he a changed man? Share your thoughts below!

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