It’s the festive season, and everyone is looking to spread the love to whoever they meet. So it’s no surprise that former president Barack Obama is at the forefront of these celebrations, and is looking to spread the festivities to various personalities around the world.

Indeed, Mr. Obama made a heartwarming appearance as you guessed it, Santa!

Former President Obama spread the love this festive season at the Children’s National Hospital

Spreading Good Vibes This Festive Season

Additionally, he proceeded to give a heartwarming speech at the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, and gave a bag of goodies to the patients, staff, as well as the families that were there to support their own.

Indeed, it was a spectacle to behold, and one that was documented by many individuals in the area.

In a video that was provided by the resident account owned by the hospital, former President Obama informed them that he was grateful for all the sacrifices that they were making to ensure the kids of hundreds of families received the attention and care that they need.

Indeed, he acknowledges that it is tough for folks, and as a father to two girls, he can only imagine the stress that one goes through whenever someone is sick.

That being said, to have a dedicated staff of nurses and doctors that take care of them, listen to them, and be there whenever they need a helping hand, is something that should not be taken for granted.

In the spirit of the season, Mr. Obama appreciated the dedication of the individuals involved in the day-to-day running of the hospital.

Additionally, the former POTUS further provided one final message to the hospital via his Twitter account. He said extended a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the families, staff, and kids at the Children’s National.

Christmas Eve Surprise Visit

Plus that’s not tall that the former President has been up to. On Christmas Eve, Mr. Obama spared a moment of his time to meet and greet individuals at Kaneohe Clipper Golf Course that is located in the Marine Corps Base in Hawaii.

Indeed, when Mr. Obama was still in office, he traveled regularly to Hawaii during the holiday season.

As a matter of fact, much of his vacationing with his family was spent on the island, especially in the areas he grew up such as a myriad of hiking trails, a number of his favorite restaurants, as well as the Oahu golf course.

That being said, the former president is a firm reveler in a shave ice run prior to the holidays ending.

Obama has also made a visit to the Kaneohe Clipper Golf Course

What Has The President Been Up to these days?

Some of the former president’s biggest involvements have been projects tied to the Obama Foundation. As a matter of fact, since its launch, Obama has been determined to make the foundation the main area of focus.

Additionally, his repeat visits to Africa will work towards solidifying the mandate of the foundation and thus, provide better opportunities for individuals of color.

Moreover, there is also information that the former president is currently working on his book. Obama has also had his share of stints in shopping activities, dances, and movies, as well as spending time with his girls who are currently in school.

Mr. Obama is also quite active in community service and intends to visit public schools that are situated in predominantly minority based communities around the Washington DC area.

He has also launched the Obama foundation geared to helping people of color

An Active Man This Year

Additionally, in May 2018, the former president declared that together with his wife, they had put pen to paper on a deal to work with Netflix, which stirred a massive movement on the internet. In fact, after the announcement, the # was one of the most searched topics on the internet around the globe.

In addition to that, the former president has used his massive social media following to champion any causes that he supports.

In fact, after the Florida school shootings, Obama went on Twitter to provide support to his wife who was at the forefront of various marches calling for gun policy changes.

Moreover, Obama has also participated actively in Jury duty, and further made appearances on a number of TV interviews, where he made an acquaintance with Prince Harry.

Interestingly, when quizzed whether or not he misses being president, he always/s says that he is more relaxed holding the title of the former present that being the president.

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