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Paris Hilton’s Mom Is in Serious Trouble and It Could Cost Her a Major Role

If reports by The Blast are to be believed, American actress Kathy Hilton could be at the unfortunate end of a lawsuit after her former housekeeper accused the actress and her partner Rick for being extremely demanding bosses. The housekeeper also accused them of failing to pay her wages, in addition to denying her sufficient rest.

Kathy and Rick Hilton have just been sued

The Blast, having acquired the suit’s legal papers, reported that Isabel Gonzales had been the famous couple’s live-in charwoman for an unspecified period of time, and was on a weekly salary. However, the housekeeper claimed that she worked overtime more often than not, but was never compensated for the extra hours.

Additionally, Paris Hilton’s parents didn’t offer Gonzales any time to rest, and she was allowed just a single meal break. If the housekeeper’s claims are true, it seems as though she was quite overworked, no?

Keeping Mum

With such accusations labeled against them, you’d expect that the Hiltons should have given their two cents on the matter by now, but it seems as though they are keeping a tight lid on it. Don’t they want to get ahead of whatever backlash that may be in store?

The Hiltons, even Paris, are all quiet over this lawsuit

What’s more, the timing of this lawsuit couldn’t be more awful. Currently, Kathy Hilton is in the middle of some very important negotiations that would see her become a member of the regular cast on RHOBH, replacing Lisa Vanderpump.

Although the actress has appeared on the show a few times, she hasn’t been on camera as much as she would have liked, and there’s nothing that would cement her place more than taking over from Vanderpump. Who wouldn’t want to be on RHOBH?

If you’re a fan of the show, you already know that Kyle Richards, Hilton’s half-sister, already stars on the show. What does she think of probably having Kathy on as a fellow co-star? She is totally for the idea!

Speaking to Us Weekly, Richards admitted that she’d be over the moon if Hilton joined the show, and that viewers would also react positively to her addition. According to her, her sister is extremely hilarious and she’d make a wonderful Housewife.

Kyle Richards is ready to welcome Kathy on RHOBH

Hilton Already Has a “Real Job”

Soon after the rumor started doing rounds on social media, Kathy Hilton initially toned them down. As a caption to a video of herself cutting hair, the 60-year-old said that the rumors wouldn’t make her lose sight on her cutting hair gig, which she described as her real job. Turns out Richards was right in calling her a practical joker after all

In all honesty, however, Hilton would be a perfect replacement for LVP. The 58-year-old quit the reality show after the PuppyGate drama, saying that the show had messed both her personal and professional lives. With everything that was happening, LVP was becoming emotionally drained, and quitting was the best way she knew how to deal with it.

All the same, she had been around for nine seasons, and had given her best throughout the years she was on. Let’s just hope that Kathy Hilton lands the role, and does as good a job as LVP did.

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