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Tips On How To Break Away From Your Phone Once In A While

We could say that a lot has changed during the past few decades.The world has evolved into a technological and millennial one. Among the many developments is the emergence of digital devices, including smartphones.

Mobile phones are so handy and convenient as they enable us to communicate and provide entertainment wherever we go. That’s why we spend a lot of time on our phones to connect to the world. However, people have become so attached to mobile phones that they’ve forgotten to connect with the reality.

“More and more people can feel their cell phones vibrating – even when their mobiles are not around. This ‘fauxcellarm” phenomenon is also called ‘ringxiety’”. –AP

It is good to take a break from mobile phones once in awhile. How can one disconnect with the virtual world and reconnect with reality? 

 Leave your phone at home

dogIf you have some errands to run outside, leave your phone at home.Instead of using your phone to kill boredom as you head to your intended destination, connect with nature. Bond with your dog as you walk it as it is a therapeutic activity. Feel the gentle breeze as you watch tree branches sway to the dance of the wind. Cherish the soft humming and chirping of the birds. Relish in the gentle rays of sun as you watch the brilliance of sunrise on the horizon. Appreciate the ethereal beauty of the world. This can help to calm your nerves and make peace with your mind, body, and soul.

 Ignore those notifications 

One bad habit people develop when browsing the Internet is that they become agitated, alert, and uneasy any time they hear notifications on social media platforms. They are overwhelmed by the need to check ALL notifications to be up to date with the world’s occurrences. On the contrary, one isn’t required to check these notifications everyday.

You need to realize that there are far more important tasks than checking your notifications. In fact, the number one cause of unproductivity rates is distracted working. These notifications will do nowhere, and you can see them at a later time.

“The difference between technology and slavery is that slaves are fully aware that they are not free”  Nassim Nicholas Taleb

 Traditional is still the best way to communicate

bookWhen was the last time you actually held a book? When was the last time you held a pen and paper?  Nothing beats the pleasure of doing something on your own in a physical way. Instead of doing everything electronically, make time to do things physically. You’ll be surprised how much you can regain your focus back as you declutter and organize your thoughts. You’ll feel more at peace and balanced.

 Sweat it out

One of major disadvantage of the Internet is living a sedentary lifestyle. We sit for hours, leaving no time for exercise. Disconnect yourself from the Internet and get physical. Clean your house or engage in a workout to make your body active again; your mind, body, soul, and health will thank you for it!

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