A conversation between pilots on two different planes and the air traffic controller last month revealed that a mysterious object which resembled a UFO was caught flying in the Arizona skies. The reports, confirmed by the Federal Aviation Administrations, claim that the UFO was sighted approximately 40,000 feet above Arizona on February 24, close to the New Mexico border.

Pilots from two different planes flying in the same zone were able to confirm the sightings only minutes apart from each other. The audio recording of the conversation between the pilots and air traffic control center was obtained by ABC News – and you won’t believe how spooky it sounds.

Footage from secret Pentagon project revealed that navy pilots have reported several UFO sightings which have been kept secret by the government

Pentagon’s Secret UFO Project

Is there someone else in the universe apart from us? Recent news reports have blown the lid off a secret Pentagon program which aims to solve the mystery of extraterrestrial life. According to New York Times reports, the government has spent over $22 million on this project.

Luis Elizondo, a military intelligence officer who oversaw the program released classified information and video footages of UFO sightings after resigning from his position. In one shocking video shot from the cockpit of an aircraft, the navy pilots can be heard saying, “There’s a whole fleet of them,” as rapidly-rotating glowing objects shoot past them at a tremendous speed.

Learjet Pilot Spots a Bizarre Object in the Sky

Amateur videographers and local universities are known to constantly launch high-altitude balloons with cameras which are very hard to pick up on radar

The latest UFO sightings reported by pilots of American Airlines and Learjet come only months after the revelation of the secret Pentagon project, which is now considered defunct. It was the pilot of Learjet 36, a private aircraft belonging to Phoenix Air, who first reported the UFO sighting. He quickly radioed the air traffic control center asking if there was a plane right above his aircraft.

The controller scanned the radar and found nothing. The Learjet pilot said that he had just sighted something swoosh above him almost 30 seconds ago although the object was moving at such high speed and altitude that it was hard to make out what it really was. A second pilot chimed in saying that it must have been a UFO. The Learjet laughed at the response assuming that the pilot was just joking. But was he really?

Confirmation from American Airlines Pilot

The traffic controller contacted a second plane, an Airbus A321 belonging to American Airlines, which was in Learjet’s 15-mile radius to confirm if he had saw something. The pilot seemed confused when the controller asked him to watch out for an object which might fly over them in the next few minutes. The controller explained that another aircraft (Learjet) had reported a strange sighting even though nothing showed up on the control center’s radar.

A few minutes later, the pilot of Airbus A321 radioed the controller saying that he too had seem something strange in Arizona’s airspace, although the object seemed thousands of feet above his aircraft which made it difficult for him to see it clearly.

The controller asked the pilot to explain what the bizarre object looked like and whether it was hovering in one place or flying at a really high speed. The American Airline pilot responded that he wasn’t sure if it was a balloon or a beaming light below which was throwing a reflection, several thousand feet above them.

Federal Aviation Administration said that the strange object sighted by two different aircrafts was most likely a UFO

Object Most Likely a UFO, FAA Says

A few minutes later, the pilot of Airbus A321 asks the controller if he thinks that the strange object is a Google balloon but the controller responds that it’s highly unlikely for a weather balloon to be so high up in the skies. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the controller wasn’t able to confirm the sighting with any other pilots since the only two aircrafts on the radar were Learjet 36 and Airbus A321.

An FAA spokesperson wrote an Email to ABC News in which it was explained that the agency constantly tracks all objects in the airspace including weather balloons which is why it is extremely likely that the strange object was indeed a UFO.

Do you believe in extraterrestrial life or could there be another explanation for the UFO sightings reported by pilots?

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