There are two kinds of people that love a good history. The first group settles on the conservative side of the story, the less complex parts, the simple ones, and the easily accepted. The other, that seems to uncover a larger, further realm of possibility, dares to see beyond the probability. These are the people who appreciate good conspiracy theories. These are some of the conspiracy theories that are very plausible.

“People love conspiracy theories.Neil Armstrong

Traitor Richard Nixon 


This conspiracy theory revolved around the Vietnam War where young Americans were slaughtered, and many wanted it over. The two sides decided to negotiate near the end of Johnson’s presidency, which boosted the image of Democrats. This negotiation did not bear fruits.  

Recent tapes show that Nixon sabotaged the peace talks and lied about it to gain an advantage against his opposition. Should this evidence be proven, Nixon committed treason to his country, which ended in the death of thousands of kids from both sides. 

 The Lockerbie Connection To Iran 

Abdel Baset al-Megrahi was convicted of the bombing of the Pan-Am flight 103 that blasted in the skies of Scotland raining wreckage over the Village of Lockerbie. The bombing happened thirteen years before his sentence. He was identified to be a low-level Libyan intelligence officer. However, several pieces of evidence show that the attack was made by Iran and not Libya.

As history would reveal, Iran was reeling from an attack made by the U.S. Navy five months before the Lockerbie incident. The U.S. Navy had shot down a plane carrying 290 civilian Iranians, and they all died. Ayatollah vowed a counterattack ‘the skies will rain with blood.’ A group of Palestinian terrorists was arrested in possession of devices similar to that of the Lockerbie tragedy. The catch? They had Iranian links, and only four out of five devices were recovered. This was weeks before the Lockerbie incident. The conviction of the Libyan low-level officer is still a mystery.

 Drug Trafficking Claims Against CIA


There are hundreds of conspiracy theories around the Central Intelligence Agency. Shocker! Reporter Garry Webb accused the agency of having Nicaraguan drug dealers dealing in the American soil. The claim was not that specific but insinuated that the CIA was working with shaded dudes in the south, claiming he had proof. Just like the movies, the one with all the answers ended up dead. Therefore, the said proof vanished into thin air. It was disappointing that he committed suicide but who knows? This could be another conspiracy for a cover-up.

The Bombings in Moscow 

In 1999, there were series of explosions in Russia. The attack leveled several apartment blocks in Russia, killing almost 300 people. Moscow City Court said that these attacks were acts of terrorism by the Chechen terrorists. This resulted in the second Chechen War. A high-ranking former FSB defector Alexander Litvinenko claimed that it was a cover-up. He was poisoned with polonium-210 in 2006. FSB or Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation is the successor of the KGB, the central security agency for the Soviet Union. A journalist who pursued the story was also assassinated.

“The world is in a constant conspiracy against the brave. It’s the age-old struggle: the roar of the crowd on the one side, and the voice of your conscience on the other.”— –Douglas MacArthur

Not convinced?

Chechen Group claimed that the bombing was done to win the sympathy and support the fight in Chechnya. This war made Vladimir Putin popular and helped him win the presidency. Need more convincing? Have I told you that three FSB agents were arrested for putting up the explosives? It was declared to be a training exercise and was released due to Moscow’s orders. Oh, before I forget, Putin was the former head of FSB, by the way.

 Cosmonauts Unknown

For decades, Russia and its Allied countries never really trusted each other. They were accustomed to hiding each other’s failures. Distinguishing which one was real and which one or propaganda was a challenge.

No one was prepared to leaked information from a Czech agent about a failed Russian flight in December 1959.Prior to the successful 1961 trip into orbit by Yuri Gagarin, there were a series of failed space attempts that ended in deaths.

Two months before Yuri’s flight, an Italian listening station caught transmission of two Russian voices were recorded saying, “Everything is satisfactory, we are orbiting Earth.” A few days later, other voices that seemed a shout of terror were recorded. Two other recordings were made, where there were sobbing and telling about how the world will never know about them.” Did they meet death upon the attempt of space orbit? No one knows.


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