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Popular Brands You Probably Didn’t Know Were Owned by Celebrities

It has always been common practice for entertainers to venture into the business world, but do we know of every single move they make? For some of them, making silent moves is what they’re best at, and it’s not until they cash in a huge paycheck that we learn of their involvement in a certain endeavor.

The Liquor Business

Would you put venturing into the liquor business past Deadpool? Well, the actor who portrays the Marvel fictional character doesn’t. When he’s not up to his onscreen antics, Ryan Reynolds is busy being the face of Aviation Gin, and knowing the man, that can’t all be what he does for the brand.

Ryan Reynolds is the face of Aviation Gin

In early 2018, the actor took to social media to inform the world that he owns a stake in the liquor brand. Though he didn’t reveal how much equity he actually owns, he is very much involved in the day to day affairs of the business, seeing that he’s both creative director and member of the board.

JT has been in the game for long enough to not have some hustle on the side. Tequila is his go-to venture, and he started making moves as early as 2009.

A 2014 merger with Beam, Inc. resulted in the Sauza 901 brand, one that the singer cum actor is actively proud of. Upon visiting the brand’s website, you’ll come across Justin Timberlake in one of the spirit’s commercials.

Your exploits on Reddit line Snoop Dogg’s pockets

Are you on Reddit yet? You may not know it, but your activities on the site translate to profits for Snoop Dogg. Since 2014, the rapper has been a Reddit co-owner after joining forces with a host of several investors to boost the company with a $50 million investment.

It still remains unclear as to what extent the singer is involved with the company, but he’s good friends with Alexis Ohanian, one of the company’s co-founders.

Actress and Filmmaker

Natalie Portman has shown time and again that she’s got all the talent it takes to make it in Hollywood, but did you know that the actress is also a filmmaker? She has actually been at it for over 10 years now, thanks to Handsomecharlie Films.

According to Variety, Portman serves as the production company’s president, and has produced movies such as Jane Got a Gun.

Portman has been a filmmaker for a decade now

Don’t you just love it when you see a son follow his father’s successful footsteps? Such is the case for Jaden Smith. Together with “papa” Will Smith, Jaden founded Just Water back in 2015.

The two were also smart enough to keep their involvement with the company under wraps, letting the brand create a name for itself. It wasn’t until 2018 that they let everyone in on their “secret.”

Of all actors that are also business savvy, Ashton Kutcher has to rank among the very best. His Uber investments have brought him quite a fortune, but it was all thanks to A-Grade Investments.

The venture capital sprung into life in 2010 with Kutcher, Ron Burkle, and Guy Oseary as co-founders. The firm backs tech startups, and the founders have certainly been rewarded for their faith in companies such as Uber, Duolingo, and Airbnb.

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