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Prisoner Comes Back to Life After Being Declared Dead by Three Doctors

A team of medical examiners were in for the surprise of their lifetime when a dead body of a prisoner that lay in front of them on the autopsy table, ready to be dissected, suddenly came back to life in an alarming fashion. Doctors are now calling it an exceptional case that has rarely been heard of.

Corpse Resurrected in a Body Bag

29-year-old Spanish prisoner named Gonzalo Montoya Jiménez, found himself in a body bag after being declared dead

29-year-old Spanish prisoner named Gonzalo Montoya Jiménez suddenly woke up in a hospital mortuary trapped in a body bag and started looking around him in confusion. Where was he? Who were these strangers in surgical scrubs that he was surrounded with?

More confused than Gonzalo were the doctors around him who had thought that the inmate had passed away a few hours ago. After being declared dead, Gonzalo’s body was sent off to a cold room while a team of medical examiners prepared to perform an autopsy on his corpse.

A very-dead-looking Gonzalo was marked on different parts of his body where the doctors where supposed to operate on, put in a body bag and sent off to the autopsy room for a final surgical procedure before disposing of his dead body.

An Exceptional Case

The 29-year-old Spanish prisoner was facing jail time for theft charges in Penitentiary Center’s prison cell where his body was found and later declared dead by three doctors. The relative told the social media that they received a call from the hospital that Gonzalo had passed away but when they reached the hospital, they were informed that he had come back to life just moments before his post-mortem examination.

A somber atmosphere suddenly turned into that of relief when Gonzalo’s family members found out that he was still alive. Scientists are shocked to hear about this bizarre incident, calling Gonzalo’s apparent death an exceptional case.

Gonzalo’s family was told that the inmate was found dead in his cell after he failed to show up for the morning count. The authorities said that he had been complaining about being ill all day and when they finally discovered his unmoving body slumped against a chair in his cell, he wasn’t breathing.

His body had become cold and his complexion purple-blue in color – this could have only meant one thing: He was dead. However, the authorities did not find any bruises or signs on his body.

One of the forensic examiners saw the corpse move inside the bag and heard him snore

Medical Examiner Heard the Dead Body Snoring

It was only after his body was wrapped up in a bag and sent off to the autopsy room that the doctors discovered that he was still alive! One of the forensic examiners saw the corpse move inside the bag and even heard him snore as if he was asleep.

It was around noon when the doctors made this new discovery, and by this time Gonzalo had apparently been dead for more than three hours. After hearing the snoring and wheezing sounds coming from the inside the bag, the doctors slowly opened it to discover that the corpse had been resurrected and was still breathing.

After regaining consciousness, the first words that came out of Gonzalo’s mouth were that he wanted to see his wife. He was later moved to the Central University Hospital in Oviedo where he is being kept in the intensive care unit. The doctors are saying that his condition is stable but the mystery of his apparent death still remains.

Doctors Suspect that Death May Be Due to Catalepsy

Since the doctors aren’t sure what happened to Gonzalo in the first place, it’s still too early to know the long-term implications of his ‘short-death’. The prisoner has also suffered from epilepsy in the past, according to reports from his family, and doctors think that the incident may be linked to his prior health condition.

Gonzalo’s family has also made a statement saying that the incident was a result of the doctors’ negligence and they are convinced that only one of the experts checked the prisoner’s body to see whether he was dead or alive, and the other two doctors simply signed the death certificate without confirming the claim.

However, medical experts suspect that the unusual incident may be due to a condition called catalepsy whereby a patient loses consciousness and sensation, and their vital signs stop abruptly.

Do you think this case has anything to do with negligence or it came due to the catalepsy condition? 

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